Borror tennis nets 3-2 win over Troy

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Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School tennis team defeated Troy 3-2 Wednesday night.

Coach Cathy Fay said Claire Burns played a smart match in winning 8-2 and Brenten Nielsen played hard and consistently in a 9-7 victory. Parker Henry and Isaac Martini posted a doubles win.


April 25 2018

Borror 3 Troy 2


• Claire Burns won 8-2

• Jenna Taylor was defeated 8-3

• Brenten Nielsen won 9-7


• Parker Henry, Isaac Martini won 8-4

• Trey Reed, Ian Dalton were defeated 8-1


• Taylor Noszka, Dirk Rinehart were defeated 8-5

• Claire Burns, Dirk Rinehart won 8-4

News Journal