Gundler, Ostermeier help BHS girls to 2nd at Blanchester Invitational

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BLANCHESTER – With a pair of multi-event winners, the Blanchester girls track and field team finished as runnersup Friday in the Blanchester Invitational at Barbour Memorial Field.

Greeneview was the overall girls team champion with 142 points. Blanchester was second with 112. East Clinton finished seven with 35 points.

“This has been one of the strongest showing of the season for the East Clinton Astros,” the East Clinton coaches said. “We couldn’t be happier with how this evening came together. It has been a long season of practices and stiff competition and we feel that it paid off.”

Rhylee Luttrell, who also plays softball at EC, posted a personal best and finished second in the shot put. Emma Malone was fourth in the long jump.

For Blanchester, Olivia Gundler had a strong day on the track while Regan Ostermeier was a beast in the throws.

Gundler won the 1,600-meter run in 6:00.83, four seconds better than the runnerup, then came back to hit the line first in the 800-meter run in 2:41.5, nine seconds ahead of her nearest rival.

Gundler then wrapped up the meet by anchoring the winning 4×400-meter relay team. She ran with Alexis Davis, Asia Baldwin and Mandy Gerlach.

In the shot put, Clinton County had the top three throwers and four of the top five but none were catching Ostermeier on this day. She went 38-3.5, more than seven feet ahead of Luttrell.

In the discus, Ostermeier had a best throw of 111-0.5.

Baldwin won the 300-meter hurdles and Savannah Rhodes was clear of the field in winning the 3,200-meter run for BHS.

Gerlach, Makenzie Cottle, Shilynn Massey and Baldwin toured the Barbour Memorial Field oval in 56.31 seconds to win the 4×100-meter relay.


April 27 2018

Blanchester Invitational

@Barbour Memorial Field

TEAM SCORES: Greeneview 142 Blanchester 112 Western Brown 104.5 Batavia 68 Clermont NE 49 Georgetown 43.5 East Clinton 35 Whiteoak 34 Felicity 15

4×800 RELAY: Batavia 11:34.27 Greeneview 11:44.35 Georgetown 12:06.48 Western Brown 12:07.92 East Clinton (Ross, Hughes, Malone, Bernard) 14:09.1

100 HURDLES: O’Hara (WB) 17.77 Merriman (GV) 18.72 Heard (GV) 20.19 Gentry (WB) 20.4 Shilynn Massey (BL) 20.63 Decker (BA) 20.8 Benter (BA) 21.06 King (GE) 21.19

100 DASH: Bailey (WO) 13.02 Woods (GV) 13.27 Rutherford (GV) 13.34 Large (WB) 13.61 Madison (WB) 14.18 Koeppe (BA) 14.3 Gregory (GE) 14.4 Makenzie Cottle (BL) 14.4

4×200 RELAY: Clermont NE 1:56.95 Blanchester (Gerlach, Cottle, Davis, Baldwin) 1:57.47 Batavia 1:58.87 Greeneview 1:59.88 Georgetown 2:05.89 Western Brown 2:10.75 Felicity 2:14.8 East Clinton (Morgan, Wheeler, Ross, Ellis) 2:22.08

1600 RUN: Olivia Gundler (BL) 6:00.83 Wheeler (GV) 6:04.54 Jones (WB) 6:13.41 Savannah Rhodes (BL) 6:16.03 Flandermeyer (BA) 6:24.72 Smith (WB) 6:54.27 Jones (CN) 7:16.02 Kasner (GV) 7:50.86

4×100 RELAY: Blanchester (Gerlach, Cottle, Massey, Baldwin) 56.31 Clermont NE 56.89 Western Brown 57.15 Batavia 58.79 Georgetown 58.91 Greeneview 61.44 East Clinton (Morgan, Wheeler, Ross, Ellis) 1:05.9 Whiteoak 1:12.91

400 DASH: Holt (BA) 1:02.52 Leto (WB) 1:02.77 Woods (GV) 1:03.51 Puckett (CN) 1:06.12 Alexis Davis (BL) 1:07.65 Daugherty (WB) 1:12.35 Williams (GE) 1:12.36 Hoog (F) 1:13.56

300 HURDLES: Asia Baldwin (BL) 53.46 Hansen (GV) 54.32 Moore (GE) 56.89 Merriman (GV) 58.37 Decker (BA) 59.03 Madison (WB) 59.1 King (GE) 61.09 Benter (BA) 63.3

800 RUN: Olivia Gundler (BL) 2:41.5 Leto (WB) 2:50.8 Wheeler (GV) 2:51.94 Stith (BA) 2:56.42 Daugherty (WB) 3:01.46 Farahay (WO) 3:02 McDonald (GV) 3:03.83 Wood (GE) 3:04.06

200 DASH: Bailey (WO) 27.05 Woods (GV) 27.07 Rutherford (GV) 27.57 Large (WB) 27.89 Makenzie Cottle (BL) 29.79 Emma Malone (EC) 30.23 Darlington (WB) 30.26 Wright (BA) 30.63

3200 RUN: Savannah Rhodes (BL) 13:38.49 Cravens (BA) 13:57.92 Wheeler (GV) 14:03.04 Brinkman (WB) 14:37.06 Pfeifer (GV) 15:27.85

4×400 RELAY: Blanchester (Davis, Baldwin, Gerlach, Gundler) 4:40.31 Georgetown 4:57.43 Clermont NE 4:58.15 Batavia 4:59.45 Greeneview 5:00.2 Felicity 5:37.17

SHOT PUT: Regan Ostermeier (BL) 38-3.5 Rhylee Luttrell (EC) 31-6.5 Lily Brown (BL) 31-2 Ackerman (G) 28-7.5 Lauren Hadley (EC) 28-2.5 Hoog (F) 26-7 Rutherford (GV) 25-4.5 Sparks (CN) 24-10

DISCUS: Regan Ostermeier (BL) 111-0.5 Ferrell (GV) 103-8.5 Hoog (F) 89-6.5 Lucas (GV) 85-5 Rhylee Luttrell (EC) 82-4 PR Cooper (CN) 67-4.5 Cox (WO) 65-6 Mahlman (BA) 64-2

LONG JUMP: Dunn (WB) 15-10.5 Bailey (WO) 15-9.5 Decatur (CN) 14-0.25 Emma Malone (EC) 13-10.5 Jones (WB) 13-3 Ferrell (GV) 13-0 McHenry (GE) 12-6 Heard (GV) 12-2.5

HIGH JUMP: Hansen (GV) 5-0 Decatur (CN) 4-8 Wood (GE) 4-4 West (WB) 4-4 Brittney Wheeler (EC) 4-2

POLE VAULT: Not contested

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