Falcons win American Division boys title

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The Clinton-Massie boys track and field team.

The Clinton-Massie boys track and field team.

GEORGETOWN – Clinton-Massie built a sizeable lead then held on down the stretch Wednesday to win the SBAAC American Division Track & Field Championship meet at Georgetown High School.

Massie used its depth to win the title. The Falcons had five champions but New Richmond also had five winners and Wilmington came in with four. But Massie’s scoring in place 2-6 is what put Scott Rolf’s squad over the top.

New Richmond won three of the last four events in the meet but couldn’t overcome the Clinton-Massie lead. Wilmington finished second overall while New Richmond was third.

For Wilmington Gus McCarty won the pole vault (12-6), Simon Heys won both the 1,600 (4:35.28) and 3,200 (10:41.61) and the 4×800-meter relay team of Heys, Josh Andrews, TJ Killen and Rory Bell finished first in 8:32.57.

Luke Richardson won the long jump (20-10.5) and the 100-meter dash (11.32) then teamed with Christian Poynter, Bryson Mills and Scott Goings to win the 4×100 relay. Tate Olberding won the high jump (6-0) and Scott Goings crossed the line first in the 300-meter hurdles (39.77).


May 7, 9 2018

SBAAC Track, Field Championship

American Division Boys

@Georgetown High School

TEAM SCORES: Clinton-Massie 131 Wilmington 119 New Richmond 108 Western Brown 83 Goshen 62 Batavia 20

HIGH JUMP: Tate Olberding CM 6-0 Tanner Olberding CM 5-10 Jake Finn WB 5-10 Dorian Taylor W 5-8 Lane Dees NR 5-6 Scotty Troxell NR 5-6 Brandon Glass W 5-6

DISCUS: Jason Ackerman NR 126-3 Andrew Arnold G 125-2 Derek Davis W 123-5 Toby Khan NR 115-9 Blake Casey B 110-6 Noah Miller WB 110-0 Jacob Treisch CM 108-8 Wes Lunsford W 99-7 Nick Saddler CM 98-9

LONG JUMP: Luke Richardson CM 20-10.5 Herwens Horgan NR 19-7 Tanner Olberding CM 19-5 Chance Moore WB 19-5 Corey Bozic NR 18-11.5 Michael Figgs G 18-7.5 DJ Ames W 18-5.5 Carter Huffman W 17-3

POLE VAULT: Gus McCarty W 12-6 Nathan Gibbs CM 12-0 Micah Ferguson W 12-0 Jacob Haggerty WB 11-6 Jake Finn WB 11-0 Bryson Mills CM 10-6

SHOT PUT: Zach Craig WB 49-5 Andrew Arnold G 46-3.75 Jason Ackerman NR 45-5.5 Tyler Beam CM 44-5.5 Brandon Huddleston WB 43-7 Nick Saddler CM 40-3 Derek Davis W 39-0.25 Wes Lunsford 33-7.75

4X800 RELAY: Wilmington (Josh Andrews, TJ Killen, Rory Bell, Simon Heys) 8:32.57 New Richmond 8:33.56 Western Brown 8:40.22 Clinton-Massie (Logan Fisher, Christian Poynter, Jacob Whitaker, Tanner Olberding) 8:46.43 Batavia 8:54.54 Goshen 8:59.38

110 HURDLES: Matt Hodge G 15.59 Scott Goings CM 15.65 Zach Bradshaw W 16.41 Bryson Mills CM 16.42 Dre’Aunte Singleton W 17.64 Chris Munafo G 17.65

100 DASH: Luke Richardson CM 11.32 Matt Hodge G 11.45 Eli Schumacher W 11.56 Grant Mayer W 11.63 Payton Leugers G 11.75 Austin Hopkins WB 11.84

4X200 RELAY: New Richmond 1:34.3 Wilmington (Zach Bradshaw, Parker Gunkel, Grant Mayer, Dorian Taylor) 1:35.28 Goshen 1:35.94 Clinton-Massie (Jeff Passarge, Christian Poynter, Deniz Yilmaz, Pablo Hess Munoz) 1:37.18 Batavia 1:37.28 Western Brown 1:37.3

1600 RUN: Simon Heys W 4:35.28 Chase Easterling WB 4:35.56 Jacob Whitaker CM 4:42.43 Rory Bell W 4:50.51 Cade Eyre WB 4:51.62 Ryan Wolf NR 4:51.99 Logan Fisher CM 5:18.13

4X100 RELAY: Clinton-Massie (Christian Poynter, Bryson Mills, Scott Goings, Luke Richardson) 45.1 Wilmington (DJ Ames, Parker Gunkel, Grant Mayer, Eli Schumacher) 45.8 New Richmond 46.65 Goshen 47.07 Batavia 47.11 Western Brown 47.66

400 DASH: Rob Conaty WB 52.35 Corey Bozic NR 53.08 Deniz Yilmaz CM 53.28 Austin Ruhstaller NR 53.54 Jason Griffin B 53.71 Chance Moore WB 55.32 Kendal France 55.76

300 HURDLES: Scott Goings CM 39.77 Zach Bradshaw W 40.74 Matt Hodge G 42.14 Bryson Mills CM 42.9 Dre’Aunte Singleton W 43.56 Lane Dees NR 45.19

800 RUN: Ryan Wolf NR 2:03.67 Rob Conaty WB 2:05.32 Austin Ruhstaller NR 2:06.14 Josh Andrews W 2:06.65 Chase Easterling WB 2:07.21 Jacob Whitaker CM 2:07.22 Tanner Olberding CM 2:08.06 TJ Killen W 2:10.12

200 DASH: Herwens Horgan NR 22.59 Luke Richardson CM 23.06 Matt Hodge G 23.13 Dorian Taylor W 23.66 Eli Schumacher W 23.76 Aaron Pike NR 23.84

3200 RUN: Simon Heys W 10:41.61 Chase Easterling WB 10:48.51 Ethan Clark B 10:49.34 Ridge Cook B 10:52.19 Cade Eyre WB 10:59.41 Rory Bell W 11:08.56 Jacob Whitaker CM 11:16.18 Logan Fisher CM 12:06.78

4X400 RELAY: New Richmond 3:30.63 Clinton-Massie (Christian Poynter, Deniz Yilmaz, Pablo Hess Munoz, Scott Goings) 3:39.66 Western Brown 3:41.31 Wilmington (Zach Bradshaw, Josh Andrews, Parker Gunkel, Kendal France 3:41.4 Goshen 3:48.14 Batavia 4:00.59

The Clinton-Massie boys track and field team.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2018/05/web1_TRF_cmboyschamps-2.jpgThe Clinton-Massie boys track and field team.

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