Clinton Co. Mt. Rushmore: Who ya got?

By Mark Huber -

It’s been a while … too long to be quite honest … that I first mentioned a Mount Rushmore for Clinton County schools.

If you recall, the sports Mount Rushmore for our county schools would be simply four people to carve into the side of mountain representing your school. Your selections wouldn’t have to be the four best, but it could be. I would say meaningful is a good word to use, and that encompasses a lot of possibilities. Heck, could be just

Truth is, though, these four could be your favorite sports people. And that’s OK. You’re doing the carving. It’s your money that’s shaping this rock, so to speak.

Some readers dropped me a line on ideas for their Mount Rushmore when we first approached this subject a while back.

Darrell Hollingsworth said, post consolidation, his choices would be Megan Woodruff, Mark Woodruff, Butch Hooper and Robbin Luck for East Clinton; Tony Lamke, Dan McSurley, Drew Frey and Charlotte Smith for Clinton-Massie; and Kermit Zimmerman, Teana Addis, Tom Wynn and Randy Binkley for Blanchester.

In fairness, Hollingsworth, who has direct connections to three of the county’s four school districts, gave a partial listing for just about every pre-consolidation school and five for Wilmington. His Hurricane choices were Mike Wilson, John Petty Sr., Gary Williams, Greg Nared and Oakie Waddell. One has to go. Only four, please.

But it wouldn’t be THAT easy. As Dana Dunn put it, “WHS is very difficult … lots of options.” Dunn is former sports editor at the News Journal and long-time follower of Hurricane athletes.

Jim Warren, who coached track/field and football at Blanchester, said his Blanchester momunent selections would be Bill McLaughlin, Jim Burroughs, Randy Binkley and either Teresa Kidd or Teana Addis. “Hard (for me) to choose one of the two (females),” he said.

Dusty Goldie, who played football at both Blanchester and Wilmington high schools then coached at Kings High School under Andy Olds, offered his Blanchester Mount Rushmore as Ryan Goldie, Kermit Zimmerman, George Rise and Ernie Miller.

Casey Spriggs, another former Hurricane athlete, said for WHS it would be Quinten Rollins, Gary Williams, Josh Quallen and Monica Howard. Spriggs’ runnerup was Dennis Nance.

Echoing Dunn’s notion that WHS was extremely difficult, Spriggs wrote, “The first two candidates of Q and Gary have to be ‘first ballot’ where as the next three could probably all be intertwined depending on who is arguing their place for them.”

So who are your picks? Take a look at just your own school. It’s not easy, is it?

Here are my choices, with a few additional options to make things easier. Hey, it’s my column, so I can make it easy on me, right?

Plus, as a note, I tried to make this for those who have been out of high school at least 10 years. That leaves out some slam-dunk choices like Quinten Rollins, Jarron Cumberland, Jake Howe, Corby Running, Josh Quallen, Bayle Wolf.

Here you go …

Wilmington (male): Mike Wilson, John Patton, Greg Nared, Gary Williams.

Wilmington (front office): Jim Bailey, Rob Butcher, Charles Murphy, HR Townsend.

NOTE: Front office references those who achieved at a high level off the field of play but in the sports world.

Wilmington (female): Monica Howard, Gabby Wedding, Desireé Jones, Marie Matrka.

Wilmington (coach): Gary Downing, Oakie Waddell, Michael Noszka, Roger Ilg.

Wilmington (pre-consolidation): Fred Summers, Mickey Vanscoy, Roy Black, John Hutchens.

NOTE: In this case, the pre-consolidation choices are simply before 1959 when the county begin its final run of consolidation.

Blanchester (male): Gary Saunders, Bill McLaughlin, Bob Jacoby Jr., Randy Binkley.

Blanchester (female): Casey Duncan, Michelle Gephart, Teana Addis, Kim Richards.

Blanchester (coach): Jack O’Rourke Sr., Kermit Zimmerman, Ron Duncan, Mark Volz.

Clinton-Massie (male): Bill Russell, Jeff Hobbs, Drew Frey, Jim Davis.

Clinton-Massie (female): Catherine Williams, Charlotte Smith, Crystal Stephens, Krista George.

Clinton-Massie (coach): Allen Wilkinson, Dan McSurley, Andy Copeland, Tony Lamke.

East Clinton (male): Mark Woodruff, Chris Wisecup, Hugh Terrell, Dale Robinson.

East Clinton (female): Robbin Luck, Jennifer Caldwell, Deanne Arnold, Megan Woodruff.

East Clinton (coach): Butch Hooper, Terry Fouch, Andy Olds, Jeff Green.

Wilmington College (male): Gary Worthy, Imad El-Macharrafie, Jimmy Wallace, Kyle Wolf.

Wilmington College (female): Katrina Butcher, Jennifer Tuke, Ashley Johnson, Tara Rausch.

Wilmington College (front office): Kirk Mee, Nick Kenney, Paul Sparling, Kelli Veidt.

Wilmington College (coach): Fred Raizk, Bill Ramseyer, Bud Lewis, Steve Spirk.


Adams Township: Roger Reveal, Bob Amburgy, Nick Schoenberger, Ralph George.

Clarksville: Ralph Robinson, Harlan Wysong, Gary Wysong, HA Dodd.

Jefferson: Carl Boring, Walter Nichols, Roy King, Bob Jacoby Sr.

Kingman: Dale Jones, Chick Brown, David Ames, Jon Hopkins.

Martinsville: Tom Custis, Cecil Meade, Maynard Faris, Delmar Mayo.

New Vienna: Dean Cluxton, George Whitmer, Marvin Walls, James Turner.

Port William: Don Fields, Don DeVoe, Jack Haley, Bob Johnson.

Reesville: Clarence Cordrey, Exley Wical, Everett Walker, Clarence Curl.

Sabina: Phil Snow, Bill Anders, Larry Miller, Dale Stewart.

Simon Kenton: Bob Hooper, Tom Robertson, Dave Huff, George Whitmer.

Wayne Township: Lefty McFadden, Willard Henry, Roger McFadden, Robert Bean.

County (coach): Tom Rudisill, Buck Carter, Vernon Hooper Sr., Paul Schwamberger.

By Mark Huber

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email or on Twitter @wnjsports

Reach Mark Huber at 937-556-5765, via email or on Twitter @wnjsports