Incredibowls caps season with bowling awards

Amy Grooms

Amy Grooms

David Burton

Natalie Steward

Second place team

Third place team

First place team

The Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities held its annual Incredibowls bowling league recently at Royal Z Lanes.

More than 65 bowlers participated. Top team finishes were:

• First place, Casey Donenfeld, Daniel Adams, Ryan Maples.

• Second place, Debra Grooms, Dusty Rollins, Crystal Reynolds, Jodi Winkle.

• Third place, Noah Ayres, Clarence Bleska, Michael Brady.

The highest average male was David Burton. The highest average female was Amy Grooms. The most improved female was Natalie Steward. The most improved male was Ryan Maples.

According to a press release from the CCBDD “Nike Center,” Royal Z manager Jackie Balon and the staff were very supportive of the event. The Nike Center also was appreciative of the volunteers that came out every Wednesday night to help.

“The way the staff at Royal Z Lanes treats and interacts with our bowlers is outstanding. They know our bowlers and are always eager to be involved. They are truly one of our greatest friends and resources,” said community integration coordinator Josh “Eddie” Adkins with the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Amy Grooms Grooms

David Burton Burton

Natalie Steward Steward

Second place team place team

Third place team place team

First place team place team