WHS varsity boys, girls sweep Lynchburg, Goshen

News Journal Staff

HILLSBORO — The Wilmington High School boys and girls bowling teams swept matches with Lynchburg and Goshen Monday night at LeElla Lanes.

The varsity boys had 2,366 while Lynchburg came in with 2,260 and Goshen had 2,157.

The varsity girls finished with 1,794, edging out Lynchburg 1,765 and defeating Goshen 1,585.

The Wilmington reserve boys defeated Goshen but lost to Lynchburg. Andrew Thompson and Tyler Pringle had high games for the Hurricane, coach Joe Davis said.

For the WHS varsity boys, Ryan Hottinger had a 214 game with a 395 series. Donavon Brown had a 213 game and Sawyer Kratzer had a 212 game.

For the WHS varsity girls, Katie Hottinger had 167 and 203 games (370 series) while Sarah Waln had 158 and 150 games (308 series).

Coach Davis said Chasity Asher “continues to be steady and improving” for WHS.

Wilmington led Lynchburg by 14 going into the Baker games but were aided by Mason Noland and Hanna Lunsford in the Bakers to push the victory margin to 29.

“They all did well in the Bakers,” said Davis. “This was a good team win.”


News Journal Staff