2015-16 Boys Baskeball Standings

South Central Ohio League

Team All SCOL

Wilmington 7-0 6-0

Washington 7-2 5-1

Chillicothe 5-4 5-1

Miami Trace 4-4 3-2

McClain 3-5 2-4

Hillsboro 2-5 1-4

Clinton-Massie 1-5 0-4

East Clinton 2-6 0-6

Saturday’s Games

Kenton Ridge 76 Clinton-Massie 55

Hillsboro 63 Western Brown 40

Gahanna Lincoln 87 Chillicothe 43

Zane Trace 59 McClain 40

Miami Trace 70 Logan Elm 64

Tuesday’s Games

Wilmington at Covington Catholic

Clinton-Massie at Hillsboro

Dec 26

Washington vs Wheelersburg

Dec 28

Clinton-Massie vs St Bernard

(Clermont NE Holiday Tournament)

Chillicothe at Pickerington Central

Dec 29

East Clinton at Dayton Christian

Clinton-Massie at CNE Holiday Tournament

Fairfield at Hillsboro

Chillicothe vs Richard R Green (NY)

(At Eastmoor Academy)

Adena at McClain

Washington at Circleville

Miami Trace at McDonalds Tournament

Dec 30

Lakota East at Wilmington

Miami Trace at McDonalds Tournament

Jan 2

Paint Valley at Hillsboro

Jan 5

Adena at East Clinton

Hillsboro at Waverly

McClain at Fairfield

Jan 7

Blanchester at East Clinton

Jan 8

Chillicothe at Wilmington

East Clinton at Clinton-Massie

Hillsboro at McClain

Miami Trace at Washington

Jan 9

Hillsboro at Adena

Unioto at McClain

Southeastern at Miami Trace

Jan 12

Washington at Wilmington

East Clinton at Miami Trace

Clinton-Massie at McClain

Chillicothe at Hillsboro

Jan 15

Wilmington at McClain

East Clinton at Hillsboro

Miami Trace at Clinton-Massie

Chillicothe at Washington

Jan 16

Wilmington vs Walnut Ridge

(Flyin To The Hoop at Fairmont)

Upper Arlington at Chillicothe

Jan 19

Miami Trace at Wilmington

Washington at East Clinton

Hillsboro at Clinton-Massie

McClain at Chillicothe

Jan 22

East Clinton at Wilmington

Clinton-Massie at Chillicothe

Hillsboro at Miami Trace

McClain at Washington

Jan 23

Wilmington at Moeller

Clinton-Massie at Whiteoak

Groveport Madison at Chillicothe

Jan 26

Wilmington at Clinton-Massie

East Clinton at McClain

Washington at Hillsboro

Miami Trace at Chillicothe

Jan 29

Hillsboro at Wilmington

Chillicothe at East Clinton

Clinton-Massie at Washington

Miami Trace at McClain

Jan 30

Middletown at Wilmington

(Scholastic Play by Play Classic)

Huntington at McClain

Miami Trace at Vinton Co

Unioto at Washington

Feb 2

Col DeSales at Wilmington

Clinton-Massie at Miami Trace

Hillsboro at Lynchburg-Clay

Washington at Logan Elm

Feb 5

Wilmington at Chillicothe

Clinton-Massie at East Clinton

McClain at Hillsboro

Washington at Miami Trace

Feb 6

East Clinton at Whiteoak

Waynesville at Clinton-Massie

Miami Trace at Unioto

Feb 9

Cedarville at East Clinton

Clinton-Massie at Monroe

Unioto at Chillicothe

Eastern at Hillsboro

McClain at Lynchburg-Clay

Shawnee at Washington

Feb 12

Clinton-Massie at Little Miami

Feb 13

Wilmington at Springfield

McClain at Southeastern


Southern Buckeye Conference

National Division

Team All SBCN

Blanchester 5-2 4-1

Bethel-Tate 5-2 3-2

Williamsburg 4-3 3-2

Clermont NE 2-4 2-3

Felicity 4-4 2-3

Georgetown 1-5 1-4

Friday’s Games

Blanchester 65 Georgetown 58

Bethel-Tate 52 Williamsburg 47

Felicity 60 Clermont NE 53

Tuesday’s Games

Ripley at Blanchester

Fayetteville at Williamsburg

Felicity at St Bernard

Dec 23

Clermont NE at Mariemont

Gamble Montessori at Bethel-Tate

Dec 28

Ripley at Felicity

Clermont NE vs Batavia

(CNE Holiday Tournament)

Dec 29

Bethel-Tate at Whiteoak

Reading at Williamsburg

Georgetown vs Fayetteville

(Brown Co Holiday Tournament)

Clermont NE Holiday Tournament

Dec 30

Georgetown vs TBA

(Brown Co Holiday Tournament)

Jan 2

Madeira at Williamsburg

Georgetown at Clark Montessori

Mariemont at Felicity

Taylor at Clermont NE

Jan 5

Blanchester at New Richmond

Williamsburg at Goshen

Norwood at Clermont NE

Bethel-Tate at Amelia

Jan 7

Blanchester at East Clinton

Jan 8

Georgetown at New Richmond

Felicity at Norwood

Bethel-Tate at Goshen

Jan 9

Clermont NE at Cin Country Day

Jan 12

Blanchester at New Miami

Batavia at Georgetown

Georgetown at Eastern

Jan 15

Batavia at Blanchester

Norwood at Williamsburg

Goshen at Georgetown

Clermont NE at Amelia

Western Brown at Bethel-Tate

Jan 16

Georgetown at Ripley

Felicity at Deer Park

Jan 19

Amelia at Williamsburg

Clermont NE at New Richmond

Western Brown at Georgetown

Bethel-Tate at Batavia

Jan 20

Fairfield at Blanchester

Felicity at Oyler

Jan 22

Blanchester at Felicity

Clermont NE at Williamsburg

Georgetown at Bethel-Tate

Jan 26

Clermont NE at Blanchester

Williamsburg at Georgetown

Bethel-Tate at Felicity

Jan 29

Williamsburg at Blanchester

Felicity at Georgetown

Clermont NE at Bethel-Tate

Jan 30

Georgetown at Amelia

Feb 2

Blanchester at West Union

Williamsburg at Batavia

Felicity at Fayetteville

Clermont NE at Fairfield

Ripley at Bethel-Tate

Feb 5

Bethel-Tate at Blanchester

Georgetown at Clermont NE

Williamsburg at Felicity

Feb 9

Williamsburg at St Bernard

Clermont NE at Goshen

Fayetteville at Bethel-Tate

Feb 10

Whiteoak at Blanchester

Feb 12

Georgetown at Blanchester

Bethel-Tate at Williamsburg

Felicity at Clermont NE

Feb 13

Bethel-Tate at Ross

SBAAC Crossover