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A day of wonder to be remembered

What a day to be remembered! When I first heard about the eclipse, I pictured something like the one we had seven years ago. As the days came close I thought of the nearby towns flooded with thousands and even millions of people. Though I knew better, I imagined what it would be like, should there have been a mistake and no eclipse would come to capture the attention of spectators across the line of fire.

‘Once we have nothing left but God, we find he’s everything’

I glance back, I see memories.

Join the Yoders for a one-of-a-kind pizza

Seventeen children came beaming in the doorway. There was a slight shuffling as they placed their coats on the couch and lined up in three rows to sing. Our country school next door was having a special day, and we got to be a part of it. The three little boys and I stood at the doorway and listened as the lower grades sang a favorite of mine.

Favorite time of year in the Yoder household

Editor’s Note: Gloria is taking the week off to get caught on some spring cleaning and answering read mail. So this week we step back into the time machine to the spring of 2019 and read about this favorite time of year in the Yoder household. Gloria will return next week- Kevin Williams, Editor

Tragedy can draw us closer to the Lord, each other

The sun is shining. Ah, the wonder of spring becoming reality! Doesn’t it take the winter chill to enable us to appreciate the soothing rays of sunshine?

Making each day meaningful

In my girlhood years, Mom always did her best to make our birthdays special. Not only did she help sing Happy Birthday for us and bake a cake; we also got to choose what was on the menu for our birthday supper. To our childish delight, we didn’t have to help with the dishes that evening.

Memories of past Valentine’s Days

Two years ago was our last Valentine’s Day together. Daniel had come home from town a few days before with heart balloons fastened to a clear container hosting a huge chocolate kiss wrapped in red.

Things change and that’s okay

Scenes of girlhood days marched before me this week in a new way as Cousin Judith and I emptied the kitchen cabinets of what used to be her home in her girlhood days.

Good morning from the Yoder Seven

It’s a quiet Monday morning, and all six children are sound asleep at the moment. The week stretches ahead untouched. I wonder what it holds? God alone knows, but with him to guide, it will be excellent and safe. Last week, children Jesse and Elijah had their last four days of kindergarten; now, this week, it has come to a close for the year, and I will be teaching them at home. They want to go back to school to visit their friends and siblings sometime soon. School is only a skip and a hop from our house, they can even watch the children through the narrow strip of woods during recess time.

A brand new kitchen for the Amish Cook

My kitchen is torn to pieces; everything is a huge mess.