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LaRose: Brown stands in the way of small town Ohio

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved going to the county fair. The rides, the food, the animals. It’s like a magical world for a young child.

Standing up for small town Ohio

You shouldn’t have to live in a big city or a wealthy suburb to have good job opportunities, quality healthcare, high-speed internet, or a great education for your kids. Ohio deserves better.

Securing resources for Ohio in the annual defense bill

A few weeks ago in the Senate, we passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with overwhelming bipartisan support – we pass an updated version of this legislation every year to get resources to our military and to protect our national security.

An early local family chronicled

A very early newspaper, The Wilmington Journal, sometimes published biographical information about an early family or an early settler. The following information was found in the paper of Wednesday, March 31, 1886.

Cracking down on Wall Street-backed investors driving up home prices

In too many communities in Ohio, big outside investors funded by Wall Street are buying up homes that could have gone to first-time homebuyers.

Issue 1: ‘A yes vote could bite you’

Yes or No? Many Ohio voters are confused about the Aug. 8 ballot issue. If you really check out Issue 1, no rational Democrat, Republican, or Independent would vote yes, because passage would, for all practical purposes, make any future citizen-initiated amendment impossible.

Protecting Ohio farmland and technology from China

This week we passed the National Defense Authorization Act in the Senate. It’s the bill we pass every year to get resources to our military and to protect our national security.

Preventing manufacturing project delays

The Intel plant in Licking County is going to create at least 7,000 construction jobs for union Building Trades workers over the next 10 years, and will help develop the semiconductor chip supply chain in Ohio and position our state to lead in this crucial industry.

Vote ‘No’ on Issue 1

The GOP-controlled Ohio legislature in May passed a bill that creates an Aug. 8 election to end Ohioans’ right to directly amend their state consitituion with a simple majority vote. Last December, a law was passed to eliminate August elections due to low turnout and expense; an estimated $20 million statewide. In May, this ban reversed a bill passed a few months earlier.

Bringing American food to American schools

American tax dollars should support American jobs and American producers. That’s why Buy America rules are so important.