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Solar eclipse to bring economic boom to Ohio

This April 8, Ohio will be one of the few states to experience a total solar eclipse. With a 124-mile-wide path of totality, Ohio is expecting an influx of tourism as people travel from all over the country to come witness this rare phenomenon.

Slava Ukraini — Open letter to JD Vance

Today you will be hosting a rally with Bernie Moreno in Parma, the very community with more Ukrainians or people of Ukrainian descent, than any other town in Ohio. Yet there are no ethnicities you have disrespected more in your brief time as a Senator, all the while, Ukraine, a U.S. ally fights for its very existence against a brutal Russian invasion. Your decision to host a rally in Parma, bringing with it a fired-up crowd of MAGA ruffians, after you’ve said “kiss my ass” to more assistance to Ukraine, is contemptuous at best, and dangerous at worst.

A discerning palate is at steak

Never let it ever be said I’m not worldly when it comes to satisfying my sophisticated palate. Over the years, living in New York City, Chicago, Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, and now back home in the Buckeye state, I am proud to admit I have had the privilege to indulge on some of the world’s finest cuisine, starting of course with fries and toast coming from our friends across the pond in France. Green sprouts that I understand are grown exclusively in Brussels. And my cheese of choice is imported from Switzerland. Why, I even have a secret source of chicken I partake in that arrives fried, all the way from Kentucky.

A just and lawful prosecutor


A prosecutor with a vision for the future

We have a very spirited campaign underway in Clinton County to select our next prosecuting attorney. I am of the opinion Brian Shidaker possesses the qualities we need in the person chosen to perform those duties.

A prosecutor to continue to clean up Clinton County

Dear Editor and Citizens of Clinton County,