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Pope discusses his health, his critics and future of papacy

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis says he hasn’t considered issuing norms to regulate future papal resignations and plans to continue for as long as he can as bishop of Rome, despite a wave of criticism from some top-ranking conservative cardinals and bishops about his papal priorities.

Four Chaplains’ Sunday to be recognized

WILMINGTON — In commemoration of the dramatic sacrifice of four armed forces Chaplains during World War II, the American Legion will observe Religious Emphasis Week Feb. 5-11, and Four Chaplains’ Sunday, Feb. 5, Chaplain Bob Baker of Post #49 in Wilmington has announced.

Praise God for miracles

This past week has been a cause for some personal reflection. Just a day or so ago, we vicariously celebrated with our son and daughter-in-law the 7th birthday of their youngest son, our sixth grandchild. The reality of that, coupled with his struggle with autism, has brought about a lot of introspection. This wonderful youngster, as much as he copes with something of which he is not aware, could have been aborted, simply to avoid the pain and the difficulty which daily life with him brings into the lives of his parents and grandparents, not to mention his older sister and brother.

Cardinal says book by Benedict XVI’s secretary ‘unseemly’

ROME (AP) — The archbishop of Vienna, a longtime friend and former student of Pope Benedict XVI, has confirmed that it was he who wrote a letter to his former teacher urging him to accept election as pontiff in 2005 if the votes went his way.

Memories and recipes

There’s old-fashioned recipes that have been around for decades, then there’s the new concoctions that leave me amazed at places a good imagination can take a person. Then you have people like me who have a difficult time even following a recipe! When I open a cookbook and pick a recipe I have a hard time doing exactly what it says. If it’s cooking I’ll be thinking, oh, I could add a dash of liquid smoke, a pinch of onion powder, or some extra salt. When it comes to desserts I always found joy in what I called ‘Daniel-izing’ the recipes to make them match hubby’s taste buds.

God intends marriages to reflect his love for us

A question was asked, and now it remains etched in my mind. This was it: what advice would you give to other couples who still have their spouse?

Christian graves desecrated in historic Jerusalem cemetery

JERUSALEM (AP) — More than 30 graves at a historic Christian cemetery in Jerusalem were found toppled and vandalized, the diocese said Wednesday, jolting the Christian minority in the contested city.

Vatican: Benedict XVI lucid, stable, but condition ‘serious’

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is lucid, alert and stable but his condition remains serious, the Vatican said Thursday, a day after it revealed that the 95-year-old’s health had deteriorated recently.

Two overlooked characters of Christmas

Okay, Christmas has come and gone. How are you feeling? If you are like many, this may be a very “blue” time. The adrenaline push of the holidays has passed and many wish that it could have lasted much longer. We have spent weeks in anticipation of this holiday. Sometimes, even months. And now, after one weekend, and all the pageantry, the Christmas movies, the Christmas feasts, the worship services, the cantatas, and innumerable renditions of Handel’s “Messiah”, it’s over.

The cross of Christmas

When I decorate outdoors for Christmas, I always include a cross in the front of the display. We started doing this in 1979, the first Christmas after Robyn and I were married. This was way back before the clichés “keep Christ in Christmas” and “Jesus is the reason of the season” were in vogue. I just wanted to do something to convey the spiritual sense of the annual Christmas celebration.