Four Wilmington residents sentenced for possessing drugs

By Gary Huffenberger -




WILMINGTON — A local woman received consecutive prison terms after she originally was granted intervention in lieu of a conviction (ILC).

Gabrielle N. Drake, 21, of Wilmington, was sent to the Ohio Reformatory For Women for a total of 13 months, minus 142 days she had already spent in custody.

Under an ILC, a defendant has their criminal proceedings stayed and he or she is placed on an 18-month rehabilitation regimen.

In December 2018 Drake entered a plea, with intervention granted, to a charge of possessing drugs. But in April 2019, the court revoked the ILC and found her guilty of possessing drugs and failing to appear in court. She subsequently was sentenced.

Angela Renee Colley (sometimes known as Angela R. Cordy), 42, of Wilmington, received a nine-month prison term after she was convicted in two drug possession cases.

The court granted her credit for 74 days she already had served in custody. She must pay all court costs.

Colin Patrick Root, 40, of Wilmington, was re-sentenced on convictions for possessing heroin and for aggravated possession of drugs. He was given an 11-month prison term and granted credit for 295 days already spent in custody. The balance of his incarceration is to be spent locally, and not at a state prison.

He was sentenced originally in August 2018 when he received a six-month jail term, and was placed on community controls for a two-year term. His community control sanctions included participation in programming at the STAR Community Justice Center.

Bobby J. Bland, 40, of Wilmington, was re-sentenced on a conviction for possessing drugs. He was given a nine-month prison term, with credit for 222 days served. The defendant was released for time served. He must pay all court costs.

Originally, he was sentenced in August 2018 when he received a six-month jail term, with credit for 51 days spent in the county jail. The remainder of the jail term was suspended, and Bland was put on a two-year term of community controls.

After he pled guilty to the drug charge in May 2018, he didn’t report to assist with a STAR evaluation.

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By Gary Huffenberger