After 7 years, Clinton County defendant is sentenced

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WILMINGTON — After pleading guilty back in September 2012 to a theft-related offense, a then-Clarksville woman cut and run prior to her sentencing. However, now she has been sentenced on that and one other 2012 case for a total 16-month prison term.

Stacy June Yantz, 38, formerly of the Clarksville area, also has been ordered to pay a total of $33,351 restitution to the theft victims.

She reportedly retained two credit cards that belonged to others, as well as committing thefts related to a diamond bracelet, two rings, coins and gold chains, according to court papers.

Yantz was found guilty on two counts of receiving stolen property, one a fifth-degree felony and the other a fourth-degree felony.

Her sentencing hearing took place this month in Clinton County Common Pleas Court. The victims of the seven-year-old crime were present. The defendant was present in person from jail in the custody of law enforcement.

Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck stated Yantz has “a troubling criminal history including previously serving a prison term in the state of Florida for crimes committed after pleading guilty in this court and absconding [fleeing to avoid the consequences for committing a crime].”

The defendant also has pending warrants issued for her apprehension from three separate courts, including an active warrant from the states of Alabama and Florida.

Rudduck also noted Yantz scored a 32 on her Ohio Risk Assessment Report, reflecting a high risk of being a repeat offender.

Credit was granted to her for 105 days she had already spent in custody on the 2012 Clinton County theft cases. That time credit will go toward the 16-month prison term she faces in the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

At another recent sentencing, prison was imposed upon a Sabina woman for violating her community control sanctions. Originally, Venetta Herres, 37, of Sabina, was found guilty of having chemicals to make methamphetamine.

The charge stemmed from a traffic stop on New Year’s Eve 2016 in the village of Sabina.

She pled guilty in March 2017. At that time, prosecution was agreeable to placing Herres on community control provided participation at the STAR Community Justice Center was a component. She received a two-year period of local sanctions, and initially was monitored under the intense supervision model.

Herres did complete the STAR program and spent several months at The Nest after completing STAR.

But an August 2018 court paper indicates the defendant did not report for a face-to-face meeting with the common pleas court’s Supervision Department. Moreover, the same paper states Herres did not attend a Grief and Loss class as directed.

As a consequence, the term of community controls was extended; plus she faced increased reporting requirements, and spent 16 days in the county jail.

Her term of community control sanctions was revoked, however, at a court hearing this month for which she had to be transported from prison to participate. She was in prison due to a Warren County felony case in which she was convicted of aggravated burglary.

Rudduck noted Herres had committed the new felony while on community control for Clinton County Common Pleas Court. She is not expected to be released from prison in the Warren County case until October 2022.

When her Clinton County community control term was revoked, Herres was sentenced to prison for 12 months, to be served concurrently with the Warren County prison term.

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By Gary Huffenberger