Blanchester woman’s no-show leads to 6 more months of prison time

By Gary Huffenberger -



WILMINGTON — Failing to show up in court for her sentencing hearing resulted in a six-month longer prison term for a Blanchester woman.

Destiny Lynn Robinson, 24, was scheduled to be sentenced in late June after having been found guilty of attempting to bring the prescription medication Clonazepam — a sedative that can be abused — onto the grounds of the Clinton County Jail. At the June hearing, attorneys on both sides were to argue which sentence would be most fitting.

Robinson already had failed to show for an April courtroom hearing, but in the parties’ negotiated plea deal, the State of Ohio had agreed not to prosecute her for that failure to appear.

After missing her sentencing, she was arrested and jailed and brought to court in the custody of corrections officers.

Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck ordered the defendant to serve a 12-month prison term for being guilty of carrying a drug onto the grounds of a detention facility, a third-degree felony. Then, he tacked six more months onto the term of imprisonment as punishment for Robinson’s absence at the earlier sentencing hearing.

At one point in the original case, the defendant applied to be admitted to the You-Turn Drug Recovery Docket — the local drug court — presided by Rudduck. The judge stated in a court paper he normally does not admit people who have been convicted of a third-degree felony, but also indicated Robinson could attend a You-Turn hearing as a spectator to learn more about the program.

In her application, Robinson wrote she has used heroin, meth, alcohol and another drug that’s illegible.

To the question of what she hoped to gain by participating in the You-Turn drug court, Robinson answered, “I want to get my old self back, and go back to living a happy life. Go back to work, and just completely get better and get this habit behind me.”

She also said her addiction has made her “so much of a different person” and she is “so tired of being this person.”

In Rudduck’s written sentencing entry, he indicates Robinson had “a pending warrant from Hamilton County resulting from an incident that occurred after being released on bond [in Clinton County].”

The defendant received 28 days credit for time already spent in custody in the conveying of drugs case. She will be imprisoned at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

In two other recent sentencings:

• Katie Rice, 32, of Leesburg, was granted intervention in lieu of conviction at a sentencing hearing on her drug possession conviction (a fifth-degree felony). As a result of the intervention-in-lieu decision, all local criminal proceedings against her in the case are stayed, and she will undertake instead an 18-month rehabilitation.

• Gerald W. Eversole Jr., 49, of Dayton, received a suspended six-month jail term and placed on community controls for a two-year period after he was found guilty of failing to comply with an order or signal of a police officer. His driver’s license will be suspended for three years. He received time credit toward the suspended jail term for spending five days in the county jail on the case.

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By Gary Huffenberger