Blanchester man gets 8 months for assaulting a police officer

By Gary Huffenberger -



WILMINGTON — A man received an eight-month prison term for an assault on an area police officer.

Kaleb M. Christen, 25, of Blanchester, committed the fourth-degree felony May 1 after the officer advised him he was under arrest on a charge of assault.

In that earlier alleged assault, witnesses on site said Christen assaulted the victim with a pair of brass knuckles and then fled, according to an affidavit by a Blanchester police officer. The victim was observed bleeding and with a swollen jaw.

Cpl. James Beckelhymer of the Blanchester Police Department then went to Christen’s reported address and knocked on the door which was answered by Kaleb Christen.

After being informed he was under arrest Christen refused to comply with the officer’s orders and reportedly threw a punch striking Cpl. Beckelhymer, according to the affidavit.

“Kaleb Christen struck Cpl. Beckelhymer repeatedly during a struggle during which Christen was subdued and arrested. Cpl. Beckelhymer sustained numerous scratches resulting therefrom,” the affidavit stated.

Sitting Judge William B. McCracken gave Christen the eight-month prison sentence. The defendant was granted credit for 136 days in the county jail prior to his sentencing hearing in the Clinton County Common Pleas Courtroom.

During his time at the local jail, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office compiled several incident reports involving Christen. Paperwork in the clerk of courts’ case file refers to Christen’s “aggressive behaviors toward jail staff.”

The STAR Community Justice Center’s Treatment Team stated that Christen’s reported behavior in the Clinton County Jail was part of why it deemed him unacceptable for admission to their facility.

At other recent common pleas sentencing hearings:

• Maykel R. Medley, 21, of Wilmington, saw his term of community control sanctions revoked and he then received an eight-month prison term for carrying a concealed weapon and trafficking in marijuana. The judge granted the defendant credit for 87 days served in the county jail on the case.

• Eldon Lamb, 30, of Wilmington, convicted of aggravated possession of drugs, received a six-month jail term and was put under community controls for a two-year term. Completing the programming at the residential STAR Community Justice Center in Franklin Furnace, Ohio is one of his community control requirements. The defendant also must pay all court costs and a $25 public defender fee. He was granted credit for three days in jail.

• John B. Morgan, 26, of Springfield, convicted of possessing heroin in Clinton County, received a nine-month prison sentence after his term of community controls was revoked. Credit was granted for 154 days he served in the county jail.

• Stephanie R. Baker, 28, of the Millersport, Ohio area, convicted of possessing cocaine and of aggravated possession of drugs in Clinton County, received a suspended six-month jail term and was placed on community controls for two years. She received credit for two days in jail.

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By Gary Huffenberger