Regarding new furniture request, Clinton County Commissioner Woods questions the necessity

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WILMINGTON — If the office furniture in government offices is old, it does not follow it needs to be replaced, said the Clinton County commissioners president in response to a request from the county engineer.

In a letter to commissioners, Clinton County Engineer Jeffrey B. Linkous requests funds to replace a desk and hutch being used by a Clinton County Engineer’s Tax Map employee, and funds for four chairs for members of the public who visit the Tax Map Office.

At the commissioners’ Wednesday session, Clinton County Commissioners President Brenda K. Woods brought up Linkous’ Jan. 25 letter. She said when the Geographic Information System (GIS) Office moved last year to share space with the Tax Map Office, officials said they didn’t need additional or replacement furniture at the Tax Map Office.

Woods also pointed to where the letter states the desk and hutch already were used items when the Tax Map Department got them several years ago, and to where the letter states the chairs are “hand-me-downs from other offices.”

Woods said, “Everyone uses hand-me-downs whether you’re at home or you’re here, and if they’re still productive, then are we just buying it [new item] to be buying it because they’re old or are they not usable?”

On Thursday Linkous told the News Journal the hope is to get a desk and hutch that are more functional than the current ones. And the chairs in question are the ones the public uses while seated at tables, he said.

“The bottom line is they’re [chairs are] old and need to be replaced,” the engineer said.

On Wednesday Woods noted the gallery chairs in the commissioners office — some of which have the former Wilmington College logo on the back — have some age to them. A distinction can be drawn, said Woods, between what’s old and needs replacing, with what’s old and doesn’t need to be replaced.

She also said “every dollar counts” and, at another juncture, advocated “buying what needs to be bought for the right reasons.”

During the discussion, Commissioner Mike McCarty suggested commissioners periodically walk through county-owned buildings to check on furnishings.

GIS moved last year to the Tax Map Office down the courthouse hallway as part of a series of re-locations involving county departments, namely the Board of Elections, the Adult Probation Department, and the Public Defender’s Office. Each of those are getting some new furnishings, at least partly due to moving to a space that’s configured differently than their prior place.

The Tax Map Office had new carpeting installed last year.

No decision was made this week on Linkous’ request.

The Engineer’s Tax Map Office and the GIS Office are designated as units of the Clinton County Engineer’s Office.

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By Gary Huffenberger

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