Clinton Co. has its 1st clown arrest

News Journal

WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Police Department has arrested a man they say was driving around town with a clown mask on — while possessing a firearm.

Wilmington Police received a call of a subject driving around a subdivision wearing a clown mask.

“As this person drove around we received additional calls on this vehicle,” said Police Chief Duane Weyand. “Officers caught up to the vehicle and ended up stopping the vehicle for speed.”

Weyand said the driver was found to be in possession of a clown mask as well as a firearm. The driver, Cordell Cordrey, 19, of Sabina was charged with improper handling of firearms, disorderly conduct, and speed, Weyand said..

“We have heard of other communities that have had clown sightings that were suspicious in nature,” Weyand said. “We have been on the watch for these types of complaints and will continue to take them seriously. I can’t stress the importance of calling in suspicious activity when you see it.”

News Journal