WPD chief: Season brings spring crimes

By Duane Weyand - Chief of Police - Wilmington


This past week we were handled a considerable amount of suspicious person calls as well as calls involving acts of violence. Overall we handled 253 calls for service with 23 arrests.

We handled seven theft offenses — items stolen consist of a wallet stolen out of a car at a local business, cell phone stolen from a parking lot, theft a knife from inside a residence, cash stolen from inside a residence where the caller believes a friend who was living there took it, and a knife collection stolen from a residence.

It is that time of year were we start getting solicitor calls. By city ordinance, if you are selling a service, you need a permit.

We are starting to get calls on people going door-to-door selling energy-related items. WPD encourages you to consult others before you decide to change energy carriers.

Since spring is upon us, last year we experienced a lot of calls regarding theft from items taken off of porches. Please take time to mark your porch decorations — it helps us to return them if stolen.

WPD had a great turnout for the Timber Glen neighborhood crime watch group. Any other areas wishing to form a group are encouraged to contact the police department.

Some notable arrests (and their alleged crimes) for the week include: Nicholas Haines, 23, of Wilmington for operating a vehicle while impaired; on this occasion he ran his vehicle through yards where he wrecked, and the week prior he was arrested for operating while impaired on the same road; Robert Tucker, 47, of Wilmington for possession of a drug abuse instrument; and Brian Yerian, 30, of Wilmington for possession of a drug abuse instrument.

Duane Weyand is Wilmington’s Chief of Police.


By Duane Weyand

Chief of Police