Habermehl a clear-cut choice

As we get ready to elect our leaders in this year’s primary, I want to publicly thank and commend retiring commissioner Mike Curry for his many years of outstanding public service. As we move forward to find a replacement for Mike’s vacant seat, I am thrilled to see the number of candidates vying for the position.

The WNJ has done a great job of capturing each candidate’s vision for office. Many of those vying for the position are friends and all seem to have a passion to lead. However, my allegiance and vote will go to Terry Habermehl. Based on results alone, Terry has delivered on his promises while serving as County Auditor.

Having served Terry as his campaign treasurer when elected to that position, it became very clear that his devotion toward our county coupled with his education, background and leadership, that a move toward a commissionership was just a matter of time. The expertise he will bring from the Auditors office will not only make him stronger in terms of knowledge but enable him to react immediately in his new role. Choosing the best candidate among friends is hard, but Terry is a clear-cut choice this primary.

Billy Arehart