Is health care plan a ‘Better Way’?

Since 2010, Republicans in Congress have made it their mission to replace Obamacare. In a recent article, Congressman Stivers expressed his concern for his constituent’s health-care woes. He said that “daunting medical bills and complex bureaucratic systems” add needless anxiety. He continues by saying that the “Better Way” plan will improve health care while promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

Congressman Stivers and his Republican colleagues should be dancing in the aisles, and doing high-fives. After numerous discussions, countless phone calls and emails, they have succeeded in giving their amorphous plan a name: “A Better Way.”

A plan to replace Obamacare is yet to be developed. There is no defined plan, nor timeline, but there is a name. They must be forgiven, however, as they have had only six years to create a replacement plan. Rather than working to improve Obamacare, they want to repeal it and start over. And that could take years. What are you to do while waiting on a new plan?

Will their plan be more efficient, affordable and simplify bureaucracy? Will their plan cover preexisting conditions? Will their plan continue to allow young people coverage under their parents plan until the age of 26? Will their plan give Medicare the ability to purchase drugs at wholesale prices?

A better way would be to allow all citizens to have the same health care as Mr. Stivers and his congressional friends enjoy.

Don Spurling


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