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Blanchester-Great Oaks FFA attends 95th National FFA Convention & Expo


The Blanchester-Great Oaks FFA chapter attended the 95th annual National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis last week.

Twenty-eight members spent four days attending convention sessions and workshops, as well as touring agricultural industries and local eateries. And the chapter saw several members recognized on the national stage.

Chapter member Carolyn Koch sang in the National FFA Choir with other FFA members from all over the United States. She was the only participant from Ohio in the choir.

Former Blanchester-Great Oaks members Jacob Lansing and Rianna Mueller presented their Agriscience Fair project.

“Rianna and I worked on researching biodiesel production to accurately produce an efficient batch for the Great Oaks Diesel Mechanics Jeep,” said Jacob. “We worked with sodium hydroxide, methanol, and used cooking oil as the basis of preparation. As we learned scientific knowledge about the future of biodiesel, we also learned many research methods and practical ways to apply our experiences for the future.”

Jacob and Rianna won the national championship in the category of Power, Structural and Technical systems within their respective division.

Chapter President Kimberly Hurst and Vice President of Communities Aubrie Panetta went on the national stage representing Blanchester-Great Oaks FFA being a Top Ten Chapter in the area of Building Communities. The chapter received this honor by their Lugging Love drive, which will be kicking off again in the coming days.

Chapter Vice Presidents Gracie Kaehler and Greta Quigley received recognition for the chapter’s 3-star rating — the highest an FFA chapter can receive.

Finally, former chapter member Ashleigh Osborn received her American Degree — the highest degree the National FFA Organization can bestow upon its members.

The chapter also toured Umbarger Show Feeds and Corteva Agriscience.

“The National Convention was a great time for our members,” said Chapter President Kimberly Hurst. “There were many highlights, but I think our chapter’s greatest highlight was Jacob Lansing and Rianna Mueller winning first place in their division for their Agriscience Fair project. We were already extremely excited for them to make it to nationals with their project, so you can imagine how thrilled we were when they were announced as the winner of their division. We are so proud of them both.”

The Blanchester-Great Oaks FFA chapter is very proud of all of their members and what they have achieved. Members are excited to attend next year’s National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

“Everything at the convention was amazing,” said Violet Holley, a first-year member. “It was really cool meeting new people and bonding with them.”