Mayor John Stanforth, left, and Council President Mark McKay look over the agenda at Thursday’s Wilmington City Council meeting.

John Hamilton | News Journal

Jason Stoops talks to council about a potential way to help certain homeless individuals in the city.

John Hamilton | News Journal

WILMINGTON — At Thursday’s Wilmington City Council meeting, Greg Pitzer, father of Casey Pitzer, asked Wilmington Police Chief Ron Fithen to inform the council and audience an update regarding his daughter’s case.

In March 2013, the body of Casey L. Pitzer, 32, was discovered in a retention pond around SR 73 and US 22/SR3 about a week after she went missing. Her body was sent to the Miami Valley Crime Lab for an autopsy, and authorities determined the cause of death was drowning.

“I followed up (on the investigation) and what I’m waiting on is I’m actually getting the chain of custody records from BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) to the funeral home. And get a record from the funeral home to see what they did with Casey’s possessions,” Fithen said Thursday.

Fithen advised he should have the information within a week and a half. He also advised there’s a detective “spearheading” the investigation and as soon as the records were available he would contact Greg Pitzer.

When asked if this meant the case was reopened, Fithen advised “not necessarily.” Pitzer also asked about apparent evidence involving the case or if the previous investigators had been questioned. According to Fithen, BCI would be handling those parts of the investigation so there’s a third party and there be some transparency. He also advised BCI will give them recommendations as to whether or not to reopen the case.

A petition was posted on the website change.org claiming “two men that said Casey jumped out of their truck the night she came up missing did not pass their lie detector tests” and “Law Enforcement Officials told the family that the two men passed their lie detector tests”; that “critical evidence ended up being burnt and destroyed”; and, in addition, that, “Casey Pitzer was in good shape, very familiar with water. She was good at swimming and she also kayaked.”

Also during council:

• Jason Stoops spoke to the council about if the Red Cross or other organizations could help a group of homeless individuals. Stoops advised they seemed to be getting moved around from location to location instead of getting help. Fithen advised they’d probably get a multi-disciplinary team (mental health specialists, drug addicting specialists, and so forth) to help with that.