While one might not necessarily like the personality of a particular political figure it would seem logical to at least look what he has accomplished while in office – for the people and the country as a whole. One does not have to be a career politician in DC to get things done. Perhaps a skilled businessman might be just the person “to get the job done?”

When you carefully look at and in a non-biased way Donald J Trump’ s accomplishments for all of us during his four-year tenure, you quickly see what I am talking about. Then unfortunately you look at the “shape of the country today” and the failed policies that have been dumped in our laps: 8.0%+ inflation, highest in 40 years; interest rates going through the roof; prices on everything out of sight; illegal border crossing in the millions; billions of US military gear and aircraft left behind in the disaster withdrawal from Afghanistan; labeling parents who voice their opinions at school board meetings “Domestic Terrorists”; forcing CRT, identity gender and drag queens into our lower level school classes; Congressional spending sprees that seem to continue forever increasing our debt at the highest levels; becoming totally “energy dependent” vs formerly “energy independent” and begging for oil from countries that despise us; shipping illegal immigrants all over the country without states’ approval; and now Chuckie Schumer is pushing hard for amnesty for the Dreamers and also for all of the illegals now flowing into this country – a total “about face” from just a few years ago!

Losing our former high standing with many foreign nations and becoming somewhat of a laughingstock; making the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decisions something that it wasn’t— needed medical abortions seem to be still available and up to the states; seemingly clear evidence of shady unethical deals by Hunter Biden, yet nothing is being done about it by the Justice Department – could there be a two-tiered Justice System working?

Again one needs to look at and review the facts in a non-biased manner and you can quickly understand “where we are today” vs “where we were a couple of years ago!”

George R. Cook

Wilmington, Ohio