SBAAC POY: Evanshine has put in the work

Most of us see Libby Evanshine and think “What a naturally-gifted athlete she is.”

But don’t be fooled by the ease in which she excels in a sport, whether it’s volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter or track/field in the spring.

Evanshine, a senior at East Clinton High School, has put in the work to be at the top of her game.

A huge fan of the television show Survivor, Evanshine was the SBAAC National Division Volleyball Player of the Year this fall. It was the second straight season Evanshine was honored as the top volleyball player in the division. She has been a four-time first-team All-SBAAC volleyball player at EC.

In addition, Evanshine was the SBAAC National Division Girls Basketball Player of the Year last season, while earning her third straight first-team All-SBAAC honor. She has been a tw0-time all-league second team athlete in track and field.

“I felt super honored to be chosen for the player of the year award,” she said. “There are many tremendous athletes in the league. I was very humbled.”

Evanshine grew up playing “ball” of some kind with friends or cousins. He interest in volleyball started when sister Gracie began playing in junior high school.

“I practiced with her a ton in the backyard and it became a lot of fun,” Libby said.

Libby played in junior high and high school, and was always very good. She took her game to the “next level” when she took on a personal trainer, Lara Luttrell Wilkinson.

“She has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition, how to train and fuel myself as an athlete,” said Evanshine, who is a youth group member at Bible Baptist Church.

That thought led Evanshine to choose Mount Vernon Nazarene University as her college choice. There she plans to major in exercise science and play volleyball. What that leads to in the future, is undecided.

“I have not nailed that down yet,” she said. “I enjoy working out and have thought about personal training or strength and conditioning coach for a college team, also dietitian/nutritionist for athletes in college or for professional teams. (Lara) is part of the reason I want to do this. I want to help others perform at their best as she has done for me.”