SBAAC POY: Mulvihill enjoys outdoors, hunting, fishing and football


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fifth in a series of features on Clinton County athletes named SBAAC player of the year during the fall.

Michael Mulvihill may be choosy with what he eats.

But put him in the outdoors and he’s good to go with a fishing pole or gun in hand, or an opposing football player in his sights.

“I love to fish,” he said. “I also like to hunt.”

Only a sophomore, Mulvihill was named Tuesday afternoon to the Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association Division V All-Ohio first team defense as a linebacker.

Earlier this fall, Mulvihill earned a rare league double, as the SBAAC National Division offensive (quarterback) and defensive (linebacker) football player of the year. While it is a challenge for any sophomore to be player of the year in a senior-dominated award, it is an even more exclusive club to be picked for that honor on both sides of the ball.

“I found out about the defensive honor first, because I was the only player nominated on the defensive side,” he said. “I said, ‘Well I guess nobody wanted to go against me.’ Then later, when I found out I also won the offensive (award) I was shocked. I didn’t think I would win both. It’s quite an honor to be named either one, to be both is something I never thought about. Neither would have been possible without my teammates. They were the reason I was able to make tackles and run for those yards.”

While the thrill of landing a big fish or bringing down that trophy buck can motivate many, Mulvihill admitted the emotion of getting his first deer fizzled quickly.

“I remember spotting (the deer) and getting so excited,” he said. “I originally thought it was a doe, which is why I shot it. I was proud to say that I shot a deer, but when we figured out it was a button buck, I felt bad.”

A button buck is a small buck with bumps where antlers will eventually grow, Mulvihill said.

That first deer was just a little over 10 years ago, Nov. 17, 2012, Mulvhill now has his sights set on tackling football players for the Blanchester High School football team.

Mulvihill said his picky eating habits include a love for french fries but a dislike for mashed and baked potatoes. He doesn’t eat many vegetables. He eats steak, chicken and fish, but not stir fry or sushi or rice.

His love for the outdoors comes from his father and grandfathers.

”Both of my grandpas own boats and they take me fishing,” he said. “I started to like fishing when my dad would take me bait fishing in the creek in front of our house, then we would go catch big catfish in his friend’s pond. My dad took me hunting when I was 6. We would hunt on my grandpa Tim’s property.”

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