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Throwback Thursday: Sabina’s Fall Fest


These are some highlights from the News Journal on October 27, 1958:


‘8th Ballot by Cardinals Fails To Elect New Pope’

“VATICAN CITY (AP) — Black smoke curled from a chimney of the Sistine Chapel for the second time today and the fourth in two days. It meant the 51 cardinals closeted in secret meeting could reach no agreement on the man who, in their estimation, would be the best teacher and pastor for a half billion Catholics.”

(The following day, the papacy of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli began, as he took the name Pope John XXIII.)


‘These People — Your Friends and Neighbors — Will Be Calling On You Soon to Discuss the Wilmington City Schools’

“They will be happy to explain why we must have a new senior high school building and why we must have the 7-5 mill levy for continued operation of the schools.”

Shown as an organizational chart of 17 names leading steering committees including: Speakers; Publicity; Informational; Advertising; Working; Graphs-Charts-Posters; and Programs; plus 10 people to chair each of eight portions of the district; and a total of yet another 200 or so names of “workers and captains” of each district.

‘BB, Pellet Guns Banned’

Wilmington Mayor Thomas W. Downing “cracked down on ‘BB’ guns and pellet guns today as police officers investigated reports of damaged store windows” and he said “parents will be held responsible.”

• “A book and record fair to be sponsored by the East End Parent-Teachers Association was announced at the ‘Have a Cookie with Teacher’ festivities at the school.” Mrs. Howard Davis was named chairman, and other committee heads named were Mrs. Wilford Young, Mrs. Nathan Gerrard, Mrs. Robert Henry, Goodwin Peterson, and Mrs. George Curtis. Mrs. Samuel Marble entertained almost 150 youngsters with ghost stories.

• Showing at the Murphy Theatre were Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and Burl Ives in “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.”