Boy Scout Troop 44 at J. W. Denver Williams’ Camp Beechwood - September 17, 1944 - building a fire under a water tank to heat water for showers are Carl H. Shanks, Jr. (Left) and Richard Hall (Right) while Patrol Leader, Richard Bernard (Center) bosses. Can you tell us more? Share it at [email protected]. The photo is courtesy of the Clinton County Historical Society. Like this image? Reproduction copies of this photo are available by calling the History Center. For more info, visit; follow them on Facebook @ClintonCountyHistory; or call 937-382-4684.

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These are some highlights from the News Journal on December 8, 1941:


‘U.S. DECLARES WAR; Hawaiian Casualties 3,000’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress voted a formal declaration of war against Japan today after the president requested immediate action as an answer to Japan’s ’ unprovoked and dastardly attack’ on Hawaii.

“A united Congress acted swiftly after the president had revealed that American forces lost two warships and 3,000 dead and wounded in the surprise dawn attack yesterday.”

‘Massive tank battle rages’

“(AP) — German and British tanks fought a massive showdown battle on the sands of North Africa today, while on the Soviet front, the Russians reported a continuing counter-offensive by Red Army troops north of Moscow.”


‘Clinton County Ready to Share In War Effort’

“Clinton County stood ready Monday to do whatever is required in the nation’s war effort:

Lt. A.O Smith of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said the patrol received a request to notify all Navy men on leave to return to their ships immediately” and “leaves and vacations for all men” of the OSHP were canceled.

“Officials of the Irwin Auger Bit Co., biggest defense industry in the county, reported that all possible precautions have been or will be taken to insure the plant against sabotage.”

Additional precautions were being taken at the Mechanics Tool & Forge CO. in Sabina and at the Auto Compressor Co. in Wilmington.

• Lowell Newberry of New Boston, sophomore guard on the Wilmington College basketball team, was taken to University Hospital in Columbus after suffering a crushed right cheekbone when the head of a Wilmington High School player struck him in the face during a scramble for the ball in a scrimmage.

• “More than 2,000 persons visited the new home of Hilda Aerie No. 1224, F.O.E., Sunday at the start of the week of activities leading up to formal dedication of the new $35,000 lodge home.”

• Marilyn Harsha, representing Wilmington, won the Clinton County Prince of Peace declamation contest Sunday night at Friends Church. Virginia Zurface of Kingman won second place. Others who had won preliminary contest were Ruth Putman of Blanchester, Gladys Lucas of Midland, and Marcella Marsh and Avonele Brown of Sabina.

• Vincent Freeland of Union Township was elected president of the Clinton County Senior 4-H Recreation Club.