Evers: 3 job-creation prospects for Clinton County


WILMINGTON — There are three active prospects on the job creation front, said a local economic development official during an update Wednesday.

One prospect is “air park-centric;” another one would be an expansion of an existing company; and the third is looking at a professional office operation, according to Clinton County Port Authority Executive Director Daniel G. Evers. The Port Authority serves as the county’s economic development organization.

In continuing to interact with the business prospects, the Port Authority staff and Board of Directors are working with the state, JobsOhio and some local people to put together incentive options, Evers told county commissioners.

Improvements to infrastructure and utilities are also part of business growth and strength, and Evers disclosed there will be an announcement next week on grant funds for local infrastructure. He said they’re working with the state and the city in finalizing that support for infrastructure.

Port Authority staff met last week with the business development team of AES (formerly DP&L) as part of a discussion about the most development-ready sites in AES’s service territory within Clinton County.

The Port Authority officials had an opportunity to have input on where, from a development standpoint, they would like to see upgrades in the AES system occur over the next three or so years. They even had an opportunity to provide input on their priority ordering for AES upgrades — all other things being equal.

During Evers’ update, Clinton County Commissioners President Mike McCarty said there’s been a lot of talk in the community about housing, with much of it having to do with single-unit houses. He wondered how we as a community and county can start attracting multi-family dwellings such as townhouses and condos.

Port Authority staff has had conversations with two builders that do multi-family construction projects, said Evers, with a talk planned with a third residential developer. One of the two builders was interested in seeing a professionally done study of local housing conducted, which now has been completed and sent their way, said Evers.

That same firm also noted it was at the time engaged in a project in northern Ohio and would like to have that substantially underway before considering an investment here.

Clinton County Commissioner Kerry R. Steed brought up that there’s a demonstrated need for government-subsidized housing among the lower-income population in Clinton County. He asked whether the Port Authority has contacted the local Metropolitan Housing Authority so it can be looking at potential projects.

Evers said they had not, but they will contact the housing authority, as well as Clinton County Community Action in the same vein.

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