Ahresty recently collected 919 pairs of socks as a Christmas gift to the Clinton County Homeless Shelter.

Courtesy photo

Through the effort of Christmas Spirit Drive, Ahresty Wilmington Corporation and its associates were able to collect 919 pairs of socks in December to be donated as a Christmas gift to the Clinton County Homeless Shelter.

Ahresty has been a supporter of the shelter for many years through monetary donations, donation of food, canned food and other shelter needed supplies.

The CCHS provides emergency shelter, compassionate care, and support to the homeless and underprivileged in Clinton County while remembering that each resident is a person of worth. Each night, the shelter can house up to 38 men, women, and children.

In 2021, the shelter was home for 110 individuals, including 25 children and one veteran. Additionally, the shelter was home for nine single dads and one couple with no children. The average shelter stay was around 43 nights, and they all called the shelter home for 6,361 nights and were served over 31,805 meals/snacks.

The shelter relies on support from individuals, the community and businesses. Support such as monetary donations, canned food and other essential supplies are always needed for the daily operation of the shelter.