The Conversation Club experiences the joys of Christmas


The Conversation Club met at McCoy’s Party House on Dec. 13.

The room and tables were beautifully decorated and resembled an elegant winter wonderland. President Judy Sargent welcomed the members and then led a short business meeting, followed by prayer by Sharon Breckel. Hostesses Eleanor Harris, Becky Strafford, and Joellen Sheffield (absent) led 21 members to a beautiful buffet table filled with a delightful array of food.

The entertainment that was provided encompassed a variety of Christmas carols, sung by the Clintonaires under the direction of Judy Sargent. Shortly after, a gift exchange was held, as each member shared what they had received. This was another excellent year for very creative and well-thought-out gifts. All, reminding us of the joys of Christmas time with friends.

Those in attendance were Christine Snyder, Mary Todd Harderman, Jennilou Grotevant, Scilla Wahrhaftig, Phyllis Carey, Judy Sargent, Kassandra Bates, Eleanor Harris, Suzanne Madison, Terri Thobaben, Susan Henry, Sharon, Breckel, Vicki Wilson, Diane Murphy, Becky Strafford, Connie Hardie, Sigrid Solomon, Marla Stewart, Cathy Fay, and Sally Buchanan.

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