Wilmington new leaf loader in operation November 15, 1945. Can you tell us more? Share it at [email protected]. The photo is courtesy of the Clinton County Historical Society. Like this image? Reproduction copies of this photo are available by calling the History Center. For more info, visit www.clintoncountyhistory.org; follow them on Facebook @ClintonCountyHistory; or call 937-382-4684.

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These are some highlights from the News Journal on December 29, 1967:


‘U.S. Jets Strafe Friends; Tragic Error Causes 38 Casualties’

“SAIGON (AP) — U.S. Marines swept today through two fortified villages on coastal lowlands 20 miles south of Da Nang, where a helicopter assault had led them into a heavy firefight with about 500 Communist troops. … American authorities announced two U.S. Air Force bombers mistakenly strafed a company of South Vietnamese irregulars locked in a jungle fight with Viet Cong Thursday, killing 4 and wounding 32, and 2 American advisors.”


‘News Record Prints Final Issue’

Pictured were Editor-Publisher Richard Gaskins feeding “the last edition of the Sabina News-Record for trimming while his daughter, Virginia, waits to take printed sheets from the press hand-fed by Gaskins’ sister, Mrs. Rebecca Scranton. After closing out the weekly newspaper, the Gaskins’ print shop will continue to be a family business.”

• Rainbow Order for Girls Assembly 71 gave its annual Christmas dancing party at Denver Place School. Melanie Hammon was named queen (crowned by reigning queen Tammie Custis) and she was pictured with her escort, Steve Haines.

• With the minimum wage set to rise from $1 an hour to $1.15 and up to $1.60 by 1971, Clinton Memorial Hospital announced its room rates would be raised: semi-private rooms from $23 a day to $28.50; private rooms from $29.50 to $33.50; and four-bed wards from $19 to $23.50.

• Pictured was Frank Price, Seaman Recruit, U.S. Navy, “son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Price of Clarksville Route 1 presented an engraved plaque and honorman certificate” at Great Lakes, Ill., selected by his company commander and fellow recruits “on the basis of high initiative, outstanding military bearing, leadership ability” among other traits. He was a Clinton-Massie graduate.

• Showing at the Murphy Theatre was Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke.”