Joyce speaks at Rotary Club meeting


Todd Joyce, of Joyce Photographer, recently spoke to The Wilmington Rotary Club, which meets at noon on Tuesdays at the CMH meeting room.

Joyce said his company does still and motion photography at his studio and across the country.

Joyce said they travel anywhere and can arrange production all over the country, and his company offers video. He said he partnered with two other photographers to produce video and motion work. Also, his studio developed entire campaigns (print and motion) that are wonderfully cohesive to include TV, web and print. The imagery has the same feel and look, so your brand is consistent throughout the entire campaign. The collaboration is called Optic Lizard.

Partnering gives his studio a lot more to offer, such as video, drone photography and motion, directing and editing, as well. The partners have over 80 years of experience combined in producing advertising campaigns. Joyce said their clients appreciate “how we are able to produce motion and stills at the same time, for that consistent campaign you’ve always wanted.”

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