Dr. Goodwin reappointed as Higher Learning Commission peer reviewer


Dr. Erika Goodwin, vice president of academic affairs at Southern State, of Wilmington, has been selected by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for reappointment as peer reviewer to serve a four-year term (Sept. 1, 2023 – Aug. 31, 2027). This will be her third term serving in the role.

“It is a privilege to be part of the HLC Peer Corps,” Goodwin said “Evaluating other institutions not only helps to maintain high standards across all areas of higher education but allows me to see best practices across the country. I can use these best practices at my own institution,” she added.

According to the Higher Learning Commission, “peer review in accreditation is based on the fundamental assumption that quality in higher education is best served through a process that enables peers of the institution, informed by standards created and applied by professionals in higher education, to make the judgments essential to assuring and advancing the quality of higher learning.”

In addition to her current role at SSCC, Goodwin also serves as the accreditation liaison officer for the College to the HLC as part of her vice president duties. Dr. Goodwin provides evaluation and decision-making processes, as well as shares her knowledge and experience with higher education, her dedication to educational excellence, and her commitment to voluntary accreditation principles.

Other responsibilities include evaluating member institutions for adherence to HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. In addition, Peer Reviewers offer consultative feedback that contributes to the quality of an institution’s processes and academic offerings.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is an institutional accreditor in the United States. It has historically accredited post-secondary education institutions in the central United States. The headquarters of the organization is in Chicago, Illinois.

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