Blanchester officials discuss earnings tax


BLANCHESTER — Village officials in Blanchester are considering an earnings tax in support of the police department.

At Thursday’s Blanchester Village Council meeting, Mayor John Carman cast the tie-breaking vote for the council to further discuss placing the tax issue on the May primary ballot.

Council members Harry Brumbaugh, Don Gephart, and Reilly Hopkins also voted yes.

Carman indicated he supported an earnings tax because it would be a resource the village could use. Carman also acknowledged it would be risky, citing the village’s most recent effort resulting in a referendum causing it to fail.

The referendum came down to just four votes – 626 no votes, and 622 yes votes.

“If we’re going to do it we should just pull the trigger and put it on the ballot and hit it harder with the advertisement,” said Carman. “Everybody on this body needs to pound the pavement in support of it.”

Discussions during the council meeting indicated it would be the same as previous efforts — one perfect for those who work in the village. No one who lives in the village but works somewhere else would have to pay.

Carman told the council the police force was still the main goal of the tax.

“It’s the largest budget item we have and I hope that (the tax) can keep them operating,” he said.

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