Longs speak to Rotary about ‘Great Loop’ adventure


Karen and Tony Long spoke to The Wilmington Rotary Club, which meets on Tuesdays at noon at the Clinton Memorial Hospital meeting room, about their experiences as they traversed America’s Great Loop – an all-water/boat loop encircling the eastern side of the United States, with some of the loop getting into Canada.

The Longs traveled 7,058 miles over 13 months. The trip required 4,600 gallons of marine diesel for the boat. Their boat, “Long Recess,” had to be carefully chosen due to the characteristics of the route – big enough, but shallow enough in the water, and so on.

The trip is carefully planned to be in the areas of the water when travel is best/safest. The Longs started with several other boats and people who were in various stages of the loop. The Longs said they were lucky to encounter no major mechanical failures along the way. The engine did need maintenance every 1,000 hours and so there are places along the way for that.

The Longs stated they did engage with many others and made some life-long friends on the Great Loop.

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