Locals prepare for more inclement weather


CLINTON COUNTY — Local officials are gearing up for the snow once again.

A notice sent out by Thomas Breckel of the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) advises locals the county is under a winter weather advisory. The 72-hour forecast indicates the possibility of four to six inches of snow.

Key takeaways EMA released Tuesday afternoon include rapidly accumulating snow Tuesday evening leading into Wednesday, a longer period of heavy and wet snow from southeast Indiana into northwest Ohio, and snow changing to rain or a mix of rain and sleet by Wednesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service (NWS) indicates snow will begin “mainly after 3 a.m.” Wednesday. It also forecasts that snow could be heavy at times, with a low temperature around 28, and a light east wind reaching up to possibly 10 miles per hour.

NWS is also predicting snow and sleet on Wednesday before 9 a.m., then rain possibly mixed with sleet between 9 a.m. and noon. It’s believed it’ll rain in the afternoon, being heavy at times.

Rain is anticipated to continue into Wednesday evening and with a chance of snow, resulting in less than half an inch, possibly. Snow showers are believed to occur after 1 p.m. and with more occurring in the evening and reaching a low of 22.

Randy Sarvis, senior director of public relations of Wilmington College, advised the campus will be physically closed Wednesday morning in anticipation of the storms.

“Students and employees should revert to remote learning/working modes. WC is expected to reopen fully in the afternoon,” said Sarvis.

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