Leadership Clinton explores health & human services


2023 Leadership Clinton joined Clinton County’s Youth Collaborative on Jan. 19 for an exciting hands-on and informative day at Clinton Memorial Hospital.

The class met Stephanie Butler, class of ‘22 and marketing director at Clinton Memorial Hospital’s beautiful Atrium entrance just near the gift shop (open to public). They were escorted to the café conference rooms where they were welcomed by Lance Beus, CEO of CMH, Leadership Clinton class of ‘19, and board member. The class then learned about the history of CMH and were able to enjoy several images of Hale Hospital, CMH, past and present employees. CMH was established in 1951 and has been providing quality care to the community for over 70 years.

This led to the introduction of the quality director, Mandie Powell, who spoke about all of the great work that CMH has going on to sustain the quality of care that CMH provides. While enjoying breakfast and coffee provided by the hospital, the class learned about tools such as Lean and Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) models that drive process improvement at CMH. She also shared how CMH is accredited by Joint Commission and American College of Cardiology (ACC), demonstrating CMH’s commitment to the compliance of rigorous standards helping strengthen the organization’s delivery of care.

Next, Teresa Daniels, human resource director, engaged the class by asking several questions about the Human Resource Department. The class was shocked to learn that the most difficult position to recruit for was not a RN, EVS, Security or Food and Nutrient Services member but a Cardiovascular Technologist (CV Tech). CV Techs, also known as X-ray Techs, go to school for a two-year associates degree and are licensed to practice in radiology as an X-ray tech. From there, you gain endless opportunities to crosstrain into specialty areas such as CT, MRI, mammography or even the Interventional Suite (Cardiac Cath Lab).

The class was excited to gather around Michael Shook, the director of the Cancer Center, as he spoke about the services and comfort provided for those who are diagnosed with cancer right here in the community. He spoke highly about Dr. Hassan Issa, Oncology MD and NP Jill Reese.

To further engage the class, Shook asked for a volunteer to demonstrate a custom breathable mold used for certain treatments.

Led by Kelly Kirk and Chad Ross, class of ‘23 and director of security, the class participated in an enlightening tour of the hospital from the top to the bottom where Ross shared some of the techniques taught to employees by himself and Shaun Luther, called Handle with Care. The class saw the Medical Telemetry floor, Emergency Room, Radiology and so much more. For example, Lynsey Rich shared information about the new state-of-the-art equipment in Nuclear Medicine, and Tracy Stewart gave a delightful tour of Maternity Care and Women’s Health unit where one mom introduced her new born baby.

After lunch, the class learned all about the Interventional Suite, a newly-renovated state-of-the-art lab where a team of cardiovascular RNs and Techs work closely with Cardiologists, Interventional Radiologist, Pain Management Physician, Dr. Batista, and Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Brian Santin, to provide a wide range of both diagnostic and interventional procedures to improve quality of life.

Michelle Umstead, class of ‘23 and manager of the Interventional Suite and Cardiology Outpatient services, shared tools that are commonly utilized in the lab. A few members had the opportunity to deploy a stent that would be used in the legs to prevent leg swelling and a stent for the heart to stop a heart attack. Christopher Wright, cardiologist, presented a wealth of knowledge on cardiac care. He talked about heart disease, the signs of a heart attack and how minutes matter. Symptoms can be classic chest pain but sometimes are less obvious and mimic signs of indigestion, back, neck and jaw pain, and shortness of breath, sweating or light-headedness. If you or someone you know may be experiencing a heart attack, call 911. Dr. Wright also stressed the importance of prevention and taking care of yourself.

Dr. Brian Santin spoke as Clinton Memorial Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Vascular Surgeon – Ohio Vein & Vascular, Inc. and President – Ohio State Medical Association sharing the latest and greatest coming to CMH, including expanding services in ENT and Wound care to welcoming Primary Care Physician Dr. Holderman. Dr. Santin stresses the importance of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and compares it to a quarterback. If you see a specialty physician such as Pain Management, Ortho, Vascular, and Cardiology, but don’t have a primary care or family doctor, you don’t have a quarterback to hold the pieces together.

A huge thanks to Barb Walker, Sam Henson and the surgical team that shared the operating room to demo the latest innovation in robotic technology for surgeries further enhancing the level of quality and safety provided to patients at CMH. The class was thrilled to be able to move the robot and control the multi- jointed instrument while looking through a magnified view on a high-definition camera just as the skilled physicians do.

Before moving on to Job and Family Services, the other group had the opportunity to chat with Rick Bert, a member of local EMS. The class was engaged asking a lot of great questions about what they see and do on a day-to-day basis.

When the group moved to JFS, they heard from Monica Wood of the Clinton County Health Department. She explained what the department does for the county, including food inspections, handling of the pandemic and vaccinations.

Nicole Rodman and Amanda Randolph were the next presenters. They spoke about Job and Family Services. They went in-depth about Ohio Means Jobs, Child Support and Children Services. Rodman also spoke about the adoption process and how they really try to help families of the county.

To end the day the class heard from its own. Four of the class members spoke on their jobs. This included Raegan Eltzroth, Shanon Bene, Dustin Ratliff and Jeremy Johnson. Eltzroth represents the Therapeutic Riding Institute, Bene the Clinton County Board of DD, Ratliff the Mental Health Recovery Board Serving Warren and Clinton Counties and Johnson Ohio Living Cape May. They each explained what each of their organizations do and serve in the health and human services field.

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