Borror wrestlers win SBAAC championship


MT. ORAB — With a full lineup for the first time this season, Wilmington’s Rodger O. Borror Middle School wrestling team won the SBAAC Middle School Championship wrestling tournament Saturday at Western Brown High School.

”This was the first time we have been able to wrestle with a full line-up all season due to injury or absences,” Wilmington coach Tim Wiederhold said. “And it all came together as a full team effort. Each and every wrestler on the team did exactly what we asked of them to make this championship happen.”

The young Hurricane posted four individual champions, led by Josiah Puller.

Puller, who completed his junior high career with a 53-0 record, had an 87-second pin to win the 110-pound weight class.

Max McCoy was a 5-1 winner in the 104-pound championship match and completed his season with an unbeaten record.

AJ Kirk made quick work of his rival in the 92 pound title bout with a 26-second pin to be champion.

Ioan Cioca had a pin in 4:16 of the 160-pound weight class finale.

For Clinton-Massie, Ryam Frommling won the 80-pound title with a 4-0 victory.

Fischer Lance posted a 4-2 win to claim the 98-pound championship.

Silas Pytes won the 122-pound class with a 44-second pin in the championship.

The best finishes for Blanchester were second-places by Laylla Sears at 86 pounds, Cory Kidd at 172 pounds and Kane Scott at 245 pounds.

The best finish for East Clinton was a third place by Landen Kaun at 104 pounds.


Jan 27, 2023

@Western Brown High School

TEAMS: Wilmington 167, Clinton-Massie 156, Western Brown 135, Batavia 125, New Richmond 106, Goshen 101, Blanchester 83, Clermont NE 37, Williamsburg 31, East Clinton 22, Bethel-Tate 5

80 Pounds

1st Rylan Frommling 7, Clinton-Massie, Dec 4-0

2nd Joseph Torres 7, New Richmond

3rd Shane Neal 8, Wilmington, Dec 8-4

4th Shawn Fisher 7, Goshen

86 Pound

1st Destin Shields 7, CNE, Dec 7-6

2nd Laylla Sears 8, Blanchester

3rd Billy Skinner 7, Wilmington

92 Pounds

1st A.J. Kirk 8, Wilmington, Fall 0:26

2nd Hunter Lance 7, Clinton-Massie

3rd Landon Abt 7, Blanchester, Dec 11-4

4th Evan Maham 8, Western Brown

98 Pounds

1st Fischer Lance 7, Clinton-Massie, Dec 4-2

2nd Christian English 8, Wilmington

3rd Joshua Bailey 7, CNE, Dec 5-2

4th Axton Stith 8, Batavia

104 Pounds

1st Max McCoy 8, Wilmington, Dec 5-1

2nd Connor Musser 8, Clinton-Massie

3rd Landen Kaun 8, East Clinton, Fall 0:40

4th Joey Ammerman 7, New Richmond

110 Pounds

1st Josiah Puller 8, Wilmington, Fall 1:27

2nd Simon Randolph 7, Clinton-Massie

3rd Ryder Ogden 8, Western Brown, Fall 2:59

4th Ethan Smith 8, Goshen

116 Pounds

1st Gabe Cunningham 7, Western Brown, Fall 0:21

2nd J.D. Bean 7, Wilmington

3rd Noah Jarvis 7, Goshen, Dec 1-0

4th Ken Kelch 7, Batavia

122 Pounds

1st Silas Paytes 7, Clinton-Massie, Fall 0:44

2nd Claiden Gibson 8, Batavia

3rd Bli Kretchek 7, Wilmington, Dec 8-6 SV

4th Christian Mathews 8, Western Brown

128 Pounds

1st Gage Croley 8, Goshen, Fall 1:04

2nd Easton Wilson 7, Clinton-Massie

3rd Carter Bicknell 7, Blanchester, Fall 1:27

4th Austin Gough 8, Batavia

134 Pounds

1st Colton Waldman 8, New Richmond, Fall 0:45

2nd Bowen Schroder 8, Western Brown

3rd Cameron Ferreri 8, Batavia, Fall 2:41

4th Robbi McBrayer 8, Wilmington

142 Pounds

1st Peyton Abner 8, New Richmond, Dec 7-0

2nd Aiden Moore 8, Western Brown

3rd Oliver Dwertman-Phillips 8, Batavia, Fall 1:28

4th Spencer Kenneda 7, Williamsburg

150 Pounds

1st Owen Parlier 8, Williamsburg, Fall 2:00

2nd Zoey Centers 7, New Richmond

3rd Wyatt Miller 8, Batavia, Fall 0:33

4th George Hovey III 7, CNE

160 Pounds

1st Ioan Cioca 8, Wilmington, Fall 4:16

2nd Jaxon Jones 8, Goshen

3rd Peyton Day 8, Western Brown, Dec 6-2

4th Kylar Perkins 8, Blanchester

172 Pounds

1st Jayce Nelson 8, Batavia, Dec 6-4 SV

2nd Cory Kidd 7, Blanchester

3rd Eli Jarman 8, New Richmond, Dec 2-0

4th Braxton Gorman 7, Goshen

205 Pounds

1st Isaac Couch 8, Western Brown, Dec 6-5

2nd Nick Hanlon 8, Clinton-Massie

3rd Aiden Roehm 8, Batavia, Fall 2:27

4th Grace Kieth 8, Wilmington

245 Pounds

1st Caleb Nause 8, Goshen, Fall 4:45

2nd Kane Scott 8, Blanchester

3rd Clayton Smith 8, Western Brown, Fall 2:25

4th Zyah Hicks 8, New Richmond

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