Continental Manor collecting children’s books for ‘Hide and Find’ program


The residents at Continental Manor would like to start a Children’s Book Hide and Find Program around the town of Blanchester.

This would be a never-ending treasure hunt that will give new life to hundreds of books, and a fun rewarding activity for children. The books will be put into plastic sealed zip lock bags and hidden in shop windows, among shrubs, in parks and other places around town. The child that finds the book can take it home and read it, then add their name on the inside cover to the list of past owners and re-hide the book for another kid to find.

Inside the plastic bag will be a note that says: “You are the lucky finder of this book. Read it, enjoy it, and then re-hide it for someone else to enjoy. Please reuse this bag to put the book back in.”

The residents at Continental Manor said they would also like to include a coloring page that they have done for the child to keep and display in their room, and encourage them to include a piece of their artwork in the bag for a keepsake for the next person that finds the book. They plan to have the theme of the coloring page coincide with what the book is about. For example, a book about dogs would include a drawing or coloring page of a dog.

Activity director, Lisa Beach, said the residents are really excited about the Book Hide and Find Project, and hopes it will get kids away from the cell phones and into reading and being outdoors in search of more books. She plans to take the residents on an outing in the Continental bus around town to scope out places to hide the books. Beach said people can like their Facebook page if they want to be notified to when the books have been hidden. Spring is just around the corner.

Continental’s administrator, Liz Spies, said if anyone in the community would like to donate children’s books for the project, they would gladly accept donations of children’s books. The books can be dropped off at 820 East Center St,, Blanchester, attention the Activity Department.

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