Hermann Court gets state-of-the-art sound syste


WILMINGTON — Hermann Court has received a face-lift in the form of a state-of-the-art audio system, in both Fred Raizk Arena and the WC Natatorium.

OKI Incorporated, an audio-visual equipment company based out of Columbus, installed the Q-SYS EcoSystem, picked specifically for Wilmington College and its audio requirements for athletic contests, commencement and other live events.

“The addition of a new sound system for Hermann Court and the WC Natatorium enhance what are already quality athletic facilities for their age,” Senior Director of Athletics Bill Wilson said. “We put a priority on our game day experience and what better way to involve our crowds then to have them be able to hear our public address announcer and to be able to sing along with the songs played. Additionally, it will enrich other Wilmington College events, most notably commencement.”

The Q-SYS EcoSystem is fully customized to the needs of WC athletics as well as those working commencement ceremonies. It is equipped with user-controlled interfaces (UCIs) for all who use the system, regardless of proficiency level. The UCI has custom graphics that allow for music to be played, a public address announcer to speak and coaches to use the system during practices.

Fred Raizk Arena features a flown audio speaker system with 19 speakers tuned for desirable audio regardless of where an individual is in the arena. The natatorium will have a wall-mounted audio speaker system designed to withstand the elements of exposure to constant moisture and humidity generated in a natatorium environment. The systems are linked, but can also be operated on a stand-alone basis.

The Q-SYS EcoSystem can be operated via a mobile application, and opens the opportunity for OKI to expand its system to more of the WC campus in the future.

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