Marnie Reed

WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities recently announced the hiring of Marnie Reed to the newly-created position of family support liaison.

Reed is no stranger to the field of developmental disabilities having worked for the county board for over 10 years, most recently as secretary, and she has been the “face” of local early intervention outreach since 1996, according to a news release.

Importantly, Reed is also the parent of a young adult with Down Syndrome. As such, she has a unique ability to recognize and appreciate the complex systems, challenges, and emotions including joy that arise from raising and caring for someone with a lifelong disability.

In her new role, Reed will act as a liaison for others in the community who are raising and caring for individuals with disabilities by assisting them in finding and referring to appropriate services and agencies. She will coordinate educational and respite opportunities, playgroups, parent support groups and other activities to empower caregivers in their role. Reed will work closely with all departments at the county board as well as with parents and professionals, in county and beyond, to help develop and nurture a community of support.

Reed, her husband Todd, and their youngest daughter Alex, now 28, live in Wilmington. Reed said, “I know firsthand that finding, obtaining, and maintaining services can be daunting and humbling. I am familiar with the highs and lows, the joys and frustrations. Parents and caregivers need to be heard and should be encouraged to share their needs and wants for themselves and their loved ones. I believe that families will benefit from having access to a family support liaison with real life experience, who can help meet their needs in supportive and creative ways.”

Reed begins her new role on Feb. 27. For more information, please contact the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities at (937) 382-7519.