Biden’s booming economy, secure border



Got to be the biggest joke in the world since facts are facts, and these are not facts and add to that runaway inflation — current rate 6.14%, a bit higher than during the previous administration. And prices increasing faster than we can count. What else could be wrong – interest rates skyrocketing, 30 year fixed interest rate for a home mortgage is 7.05%; energy dependent on countries that despise us; federal debt is now astronomical – it is now $31.4 trillion and there is currently a congressional debate on raising the debt ceiling once again; a proposed White House budget of some $6.8 trillion; an administration about as inept as it can get; we are a laughingstock on the world stage; and now two banks have already failed!

Biden is still promoting some 87,000 additional IRS agents to harass us; Putin and China have Biden right where they want him; forcing gender identification, sex education and drag queen exhibitions in kindergarten through the third grades; an administration that is totally inept and inexperienced for the positions they currently hold; confusion and differing opinions between the White House and the Treasury Secretary on whether or not to “bail out” the crumbling banks if it happens…who pays…the US taxpayers of course; crime running rampant in Democrat controlled cities – breaking windows, trashing the insides, stealing and looting.

It has been rumored that even Walmart will be closing at least two stores out west due to looting and theft; federal spending and spending proposals that are totally out of control- and we wonder why we have skyrocketing inflation; a mystery with regard to Covid – 19 and its origin that the Administration still has not cleared up and explained the fact; Democrats tend to “deny” every problem they have created and take responsibility for none of the problems they have created; and in addition to denying everything, they blame Donald J Trump…how pathetic; the White House and Administration failing to address in a timely manner recent train derailment disasters – New Palestine, Ohio, etc;

This listing of serious problems created by this White House and Administration could go on and on….but the picture is very clear there is a serious problem with this Administration that is severely hurting the American citizens.

George R. Cook


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