WC named a ‘Voter Friendly Campus’


Wilmington College students were able to register to vote in a process as easy as getting on a laptop computer within 30 feet of scanning their IDs from lunch and dinner. Student members of the Campus Vote Project were set up all week to register students in time for the upcoming May Ohio Primary.

The College’s ongoing effort at civic engagement resulted in WC again being selected as a “Voter Friendly Campus” by Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and the Fair Election Center’s Campus Vote Project. Wilmington College is among 258 colleges and universities in 38 states to earn this designation.

This year’s campaign has been headed by Logan Florea and Haley Fulton.

The Voter Friendly Campus program is designed to help institutions address the myriad challenges that prevent college students from participating in the political process and foster a culture of democratic engagement on their campuses, including in years without a national election. This designation recognizes college and university campuses that have committed to voter registration, education, and turnout as part of their institutional mission.

Campuses were evaluated on their ability to complete a three-step process, which included developing a written plan for how the school would engage student voters in 2022, facilitating voter education and engagement efforts on campus and writing a final analysis of their efforts.

The designation is valid through December 2024.

“Higher education continues to play a pivotal role in safeguarding our democracy. The campuses on this year’s designee list are at the forefront of this important work,” said Kevin Kruger, NASPA president. “This accomplishment is due to the hard work of student affairs professionals, students, and faculty partners from across the country, to whom we express our congratulations and gratitude.”

“When college campuses help their students register and vote, they’re helping to instill lifelong habits of civic engagement,” said Mike Burns, the National Director of the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project. “By incorporating democratic engagement into their campus life, these schools are opening the door for students to explore what their political beliefs are, and how they want to engage in the democratic process. These efforts are crucial to our country’s democracy.”

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