Strong, decisive leadership for the city



I first met Pat Haley in 1974 when I started my career in law enforcement with the Wilmington Police Department. It was evident early on in our friendship that Pat had a deep caring for the citizens of our community, through his church, his many activities in civic organizations, and his public service positions.

I worked with Pat during his tenure as sheriff as a member of the detective unit. Pat revamped the entire department and provided us with leadership, guidance, and equipment to get the job done. It was under his leadership and direction in 1984, we solved one of the most tragic crimes in Clinton County history.

Pat has always exhibited a leadership quality that is unmistakable. He has a keen awareness for identifying problems and creating solutions that benefit all. He’s done that as Sheriff and as county commissioner. Pat is genuine and has the integrity, respect, and vision to lead Wilmington as its mayor.

Citizens have voiced concerns regarding vagrancy, availability to the mayor’s office, drugs and crime, and accountability by public officials. Pat will bring open communication and transparency to the mayor’s office. He will work with all departments to bring about the necessary changes and collaboration to make our city a vibrant, safe, and prideful community for our families to live in.

Strong, decisive leadership is what our city and community need right now. Pat has the necessary qualities and experience to get the job done.

Michael Cluxton

Wilmington, Ohio

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