Friends of the Library holds April meeting


President Jim Hayslip opened the April 25 meeting of Friends of the Library (FOL) in the Wilmington Library Kirk room. The secretary’s report was approved as read. The treasurer’s report will be available at the May meeting.

Jennifer Sabin stated that the April 4 Antique Show at Roberts Arena was again a success, and presented a contribution to FOL.

The Easter Egg Hunt at Gavin Park was, despite the weather, well attended. FOL is sponsoring a pizza party for the Wilmington High School football team. “We could not have done it without you!”

Jim Hayslip passed the new bookmark which he designed. It is printed in color on stock paper, with a short history of the FOL on the back. The members were unanimous in their approval.

Dana Dunnn and Mike Wells suggested that creating a web page would be more effective than printing a brochure. The members agreed. Mike will investigate recruiting Wilmington College students to design the page, which will be underwritten by our organization. Mike has applied for submission to the Clinton County Fellows Program, suggesting Joe Knueven as a “match”

Matt Ankrom has volunteered to remove the hard covers and bindings from discarded books and recycle the pages.

Ann Kuehn and Kathy Kral will be working on disbursement of children’s books.. Ann Kuehn will contact Elanor Harris regarding the donation of young adult books to the Harvest of Gold.

The meeting was adjourned. Those present,not previously mentioned, were George Cook, Judy Elan,and Krista Barr. The next FOL meeting will be Tuesday, May 23 at 2:30 p.m. in the Wilmington Library Kirk room.

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