East Clinton Local School District’s much-anticipated new building takes shape. as board members discussed construction updates during Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting.

Serena Hammond | News Journal photos

SABINA — The East Clinton Local School District’s Board of Education meeting, held on Tuesday evening in the district office, provided updates on various projects and discussed important matters concerning the district.

Superintendent Eric Magee presented a comprehensive report, highlighting the progress made on several ongoing projects. He began with a construction update, informing the attendees that the construction of the flat roof in the elementary buildings commenced on July 21. The team aims to complete the work at the Sabina campus by Aug. 11 and at New Vienna within two weeks, with a target completion date of around Aug. 25. In addition to the flat roof work, they are addressing punch list items from the shingle roof to ensure the buildings are waterproof.

“At this campus we’re at, if you drove around the building you can see a lot of progress on the outside and just as much progress is happening on the inside,” Magee said.

Magee distributed notes from a recent meeting with the construction company, sharing details about specific areas of focus. He pointed out that on the south side of the music addition, they are working on fencing and grading, with expectations for this side to be accessible when school starts on Sept. 5. Students will have access to the choir room, band room, multipurpose room, concession stand, wrestling room, and locker rooms, although some outside work remains pending due to the demolition of the middle school.

Magee also provided updates on the new addition, stating that the ceiling tile installation is underway, and efforts are ongoing to complete the AC unit in the high school gym by the Aug. 1 deadline. Once completed, the flooring contractor will proceed with their work. Furniture delivery is scheduled to start in mid-August to furnish the new building, with temporary storage arranged in four rooms of the middle school section.

Another agenda item included discussion surrounding the plaques commemorating the opening of each building. The board reviewed past plaques to guide their decision on the final content for these commemorative items.

Issues related to the gymnasium floor were also addressed. Moisture under the gym door led to bowing, causing some damage. The responsible doors were scheduled to be replaced, but since they have not yet arrived, temporary measures have been taken to prevent further water ingress.

“The crew did as much as they can on the current doors like caulking them and trying to seal them up to try and prevent anymore water from getting in. My understanding is that with the last couple of rains we got this week, there has been no more water coming in,” said Magee.

The board agreed that this situation should not have occurred and attributed it to possible improper installation during the gym floor’s construction. Plans were made to address the issue as soon as the AC unit is fixed, and the flooring contractor will rectify the problem.

During the meeting, attention was drawn to a scheduling conflict with the middle school open house. It was noted that the current open house date coincided with a home middle school football game scheduled for the same day. While no final decision was reached during the meeting, the board expressed its commitment to finding a suitable solution that would enable both the open house and the football game to be enjoyed without overlapping.

Financial reports and investments were presented by the treasurer, and the board discussed various agenda items. One notable discussion revolved around concerns regarding the freshman volleyball team, with ongoing conversations about its establishment.

The meeting concluded with an executive session to discuss matters concerning coaches.