Six and Twenty Club learns about World War II


Recently, the Six and Twenty Club met at the home of Teresa Rembert. Patti Cook, president of the club, opened the meeting and welcomed all present. Secretary, Mary Ann Raizk, called the roll and read the minutes of the previous meeting. Karen Buckley shared the historical minutes.

The program for the afternoon was presented by Cindy Petrich. The book she was circulating was “The Book of Lost Names” by Kristen Harmel. The book is an historical novel about a young forger who helped many Jewish people survive World War II.

Another book by Kristin Harmel was the basis of Petrich’s program, “The Forest of Vanishing Stars.” It dealt with the Bielski brothers, who along with over a thousand Jewish men and women, escaped the ghettos, and lived in forests and caves until the end of the war. The author told many examples of young men and women who risked their lives to help others during the war.

After current events and a book exchange, the members enjoyed fellowship, punch, and goodies wrapped in colorful bandanas to take home and enjoy.

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