WILMINGTON — In a bid to bridge the digital divide among seniors, Clinton County Community Action has announced the commencement of its “Technology for Seniors” classes that kicked off this month.

According to Community Action, these classes are led by students from Wilmington High School and are scheduled to take place every Friday in February, March, and April, starting at noon following the congregate lunch sessions. The initiative aims to empower seniors with essential technological skills to navigate the increasingly digital landscape.

The classes will focus on various aspects of modern technology, with each month dedicated to a specific theme. February’s focus will be on unlocking the full potential of cell phones, ensuring seniors grasp the essentials for effective communication and utilization of mobile devices.

Senior services director at the Aging UP Center, Shane Breckel, expressed the organization’s commitment to equipping seniors with the tools they need to thrive in today’s tech-driven world.

“From cell phones to social media, we want to provide our seniors with the basic knowledge and skills to better navigate in an increasingly technical world,” said Breckel.

The curriculum is designed to be accessible and engaging, with ample opportunities for participants to ask questions and interact with instructors. Moreover, to accommodate varying schedules, each month’s class will be repeated multiple times, offering seniors flexibility in attendance.

For those interested in joining or seeking further information, Breckel can be reached at 937-382-7170.