CCHD releases food inspections


The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health District and is compiled from inspection reports. Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health District by calling 937-382-3829.

General Denver Hotel, 81 W. Main St., Wilmington

Received a complaint regarding “grease running in parking lot and alley, creating a mess and a nuisance.” Inspector looked at the grease dumpster upon arrival. The lid was open and grease was all over the ground and underneath the unit. The grease dumpster needs to be dumped regularly, and the area around the dumpster needs to be kept clean. In the kitchen, there was a drink with no lid and a cup without a straw. All beverages must have lids with straws to prevent spillage and cross-contamination. On top of the salad prep cooler, there was a container of nuts, croutons, and cranberries without lids. All foods must be covered/protected to avoid any possible contamination. In the bread crumbs and spices, there were single-service cups being used as scoops. Scoops must have handles and be stored out of the product. The hand chopper on the wall had food debris. The cutting board on the bar in the patio area was stained and had food debris. Marinara sauce in the warmer was 127 degrees Fahrenheit. All hot foods must be kept hot at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. In the prep cooler in the kitchen, mushrooms were at 43 degrees Fahrenheit and banana peppers at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Chicken thighs in the walk-in cooler were 41.5 degrees Fahrenheit. All cold foods must be held at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below to help reduce bacterial growth. The salad mix was not dated. The cooler in the bar on the patio does not have a thermometer. A male employee in the kitchen was not wearing a beard restraint. Employees did put on beard nets after I started the inspection. There were towels throughout the kitchen. All towels must be stored in a sanitizer solution. The reach-in freezer in the kitchen had nothing inside it that was frozen. The outside unit was 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The walk-in cooler in the basement was 51 degrees Fahrenheit on the inspector’s thermometer. The product was cold, and the unit had water in the bottom of the unit by the door. Please repair units immediately. The wall by the hand sink in the kitchen is dirty, along with the insides of both microwaves in the kitchen. The inspector left a list of dirty areas to clean. There were boxes of food stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler. All food must be stored at a minimum of six inches off the floor. The Frigidaire freezer in the basement at the bottom of the stairs is missing a handle and is not commercially approved equipment. The overall sanitation of the facility needs improvement.

Southridge Marathon, 863 S. South St., Wilmington

All violations were corrected. Note: ensure boxes of tea are six inches off of the floor in coolers and on the sales floor.

Frisch’s Big Boy #105, 1341 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

The following past violations have been corrected: (2.1), (2.4), (5.6), (4.4), (3.4)

On the salad bar, ranch dressing was at 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Cottage cheese, apples, and coleslaw were at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and yogurt was at 43 degrees Fahrenheit. All TCS foods must be kept cold at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. The kitchen/dish operator was not wearing a beard net. There were towels lying under the scraper for grills in the kitchen under the griddle to catch grease. All towels must be used for cleaning purposes only and stored in sanitizer when not in use. The griddle grease collection is not working, using towels to collect. The grease trap outside, rocks settling being pulled down even more today. In the beverage area, the air prep cooler in the kitchen is not working. Both microwaves in the kitchen were dirty. Several stained ceiling tiles in the dining area. Exposed drywall in the dry storage area. All floors, walls, and ceilings must be smooth, easily cleanable, and kept in good repair.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2816 Rombach Ave., Wilmington

The following violations have been corrected: (2.4), (2.3), (3.2), (4.4), (4.5), (5.1)

Floors by the grill and prep area in the kitchen were dirty with food debris. All floors must be smooth, easily cleanable, and kept clean to improve overall sanitation.

Subway #46271, 31 E. Washington St., Sabina

Bins containing clean lids and pans have a buildup of debris that contacts food contact surfaces. Repeat violation. The person in charge pulled in bins during the inspection to wash. No certified food protection manager is associated with this facility (repeat violation). There was an open drink sitting on the prep table during the inspection. Store drinks in cups with lids and straws below food (repeat violation). Found ledges of food on the make table. Found water sprayed onto food stored in containers not approved for food storage. Obtain spray bottles approved for food. No permit for plumbing has been obtained. Hair restraint violation and chemical storage violation were corrected from the last report. Ice buildup found in the walk-in cooler may indicate a need for repair. Additionally, do not store food where it is subjected to ice formation on the packaging. The three-compartment sink faucet is leaking. The environmental health director is aware of the pattern of repeat violations and will be sending communications as to the next steps for obtaining compliance. Left number to the plumbing inspector. Can obtain a list of commercial plumbers to sign off on work. Dropped off report with manager Amanda on 5/17. Bins clean (#16), no open drinks (#6).

Thousand Trails Canteen, 1786 SR 380, Wilmington

Discussed washing food contact surfaces at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. No violations were noted upon inspection.

22 Market, 5205 SR 22-3, Wilmington

Water in the bottom of the prep cooler in the kitchen. The counter by the soda machine is coming apart. Unused equipment (small fridge by drive-thru) must be removed if not in use. All floors, walls, counters, and ceilings must be maintained in good working order. The kitchen employee must wear a hair restraint while making/preparing food. The employee has a ponytail with no hair restraint.

Bob Evans, 1075 East Side, Wilmington

Follow-up inspection. The following violations have been corrected: 2.4, 2.2, 3.4, 3.2, 2.4, 3.2, 2.4, 4.4, 4.5, 6.4. In the walk-in cooler, the country gravy was dated 5/18. In the reach-in cooler by the grill, turkey cooked and sliced was dated for 5/19. In the salad prep cooler, French dressing was dated 5/16, Italian 5/15. This inspection was on 5/20. All food must be dated for use within seven days or properly discarded. The floor is coming apart in the walk-in cooler. All equipment must be maintained in good working order.

Speedway, 393 Locust St., Wilmington

Gray dispenser for creamer has not been replaced. The person in charge states that it should be 5/24. The inspector will check back then. This is needed for the creamer to hold 41 or lower temperature. Cracked tile ceilings found.

McDonald’s, 5843, Wilmington

Found mixture for burritos at 44 degrees Fahrenheit in the double reach-in cooler. The person in charge placed it in the walk-in for a quick cool down. Monitor this unit. Ensure employees are not leaving TCS items in the time temp danger zone for very long. Found an employee working with food without a hair net or hat on. Small leak observed at the three-compartment sink faucet. Dry trap smell detected in the restroom.

Pizza Hut, 486 Main St., Wilmington

Cleanability: found pans for pizza dough with excessive buildup of carbon. Clean or replace as needed. Found green shelving in need of more cleaning. Continue to clean the shelves to remove accumulated grease. Found the cold side of the mop sink not working. Repair using a commercial plumber. More cleaning is needed on fryer wheels. The health reporting agreement does not have all 13 reportable illnesses left copy. Found ham/cheese mixed with oregano that indicates a need for refrigeration. PIC to store in the make from now on. Discarded cheese that was out.

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, US RTW 68N, Wilmington

Found shredded cheese and sour cream at 51 degrees Fahrenheit on the make table. PIC discarded TCS foods. Either repair or hold items that are time sensitive. Email the inspector to let them know. Two other units are repaired. Male employees not wearing beard nets. PIC states that the nets are ordered and will be on tonight’s truck.

Blanchester Veteran’s Memorial Park, Blanchester

No employee verification for employee illness. Each employee needs to read and sign to keep on file; left handout. No verification is available for the employee with manager certification. No procedure posted for cleaning up vomit. Left handouts for that. Hot dogs in the reach-in cooler were at 48 degrees Fahrenheit. All TCS foods must be held hot at 41 or below. Employee with no hair restraint. The toaster oven is not commercial. Must discontinue use. The three-compartment sink needs to be affixed to the wall. Please repair/replace.

Kirkwood, 5719 SR 73 W., Wilmington

New 3-door fridge and two-door freezer. Both are certified and ready to use. The hot water at the hand sink only gets to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Please adjust the temperature. The drain from the dishwasher extends down into the floor sink. Drain needs to have two inch air gap above floor sink. Memorial day- Labor Day (operating).

Salvadores Tacos Shoppe LLC, Blanchester

Floor tiles missing in the kitchen and service area. Replace for a smooth and cleanable surface. Gap observed at the back door and screen door. Needs repair. All temperatures, the hot/cold holding temperatures, and cooling and cooking temperatures were all within ODH requirements. Date marking observed, active cooling using shallow pans and ice bath observed upon entry.

Greenhouse DBA Harvester, 142 S. Broadway, Blanchester

Found raw shell eggs in a carton stored above vegetables in the double-door reach-in cooler. Move to help prevent biological contamination. Found three lexans stored on the shelf as clean with food debris. Removed from the shelf and placed in the wash compartment of the three-compartment sink. Coach employees. Found bacon, and ice cream, at 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a freezer. PIC discarded items to help prevent foodborne illness. Found male employees with beards working in the kitchen without beard nets. Freezer not working; need to ensure the circuit is not the same issue. New dish machine on the same circuit? Also, condensation was gathering on top of the make table. Pulled the unit away from the wall to allow better circulation. Found a new dishwasher not previously reviewed in operation at the facility. It needs to be installed by a commercially licensed plumber and a permit must be purchased. A handwash sink is used as a prep sink. Use as a hand sink unless replumbed as an indirect drain. May use the middle compartment of the three-compartment if need a prep sink. Call the health department regarding the dish machine.

Traditions Restaurant and Catering, 78 N Howard St., Sabina

Ceiling tiles observed cracked and stained; replace those. Floor near handwash sink has water intrusion. All temperatures within ODH requirements. All date marking within code. Discussed cooling.

Snow Hill CC LLC, 11093 SR 73, New Vienna

Light shields cracked above both make tables. Replace. Found dented can on shelf. Inspect and remove foods with packaging that has been compromised. Found butter pats setting out at room temperature. The box that the food arrived in indicates that the food is perishable and needs refrigeration. PIC to refrigerate from now on. Ensure TCS foods are stored at 41 or lower to control growth. Observed potato cooled from 135 to 70 degrees in less than two hours.

Continental Manor and Nursing and Rehab, 820 E. Center St., Wilmington

Facility is getting ready to remodel. Plans must be submitted and approved prior to starting any work. The walk-in cooler had chicken at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, goulash at 45, mechanical bologna at 46, mixed vegetables at 45, and baked potatoes at 45. The cooler was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. All TCS foods must be kept cold at 41 or below. There were gnats flying around towels in the room with the mop sink. All facilities must be free from insects/pests. Please contact a licensed pest control operator. Male employee with facial hair with no restraint on. The walk-in cooler temperature inside the unit was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. All equipment must be maintained in good working order. The overflow pipe from the ice machine drain must be two inches above the drain. Repair.

United Dairy Farmers, 127 S. Broadway St., Blanchester

Received a complaint from May 10: “employee with brown hair behind the counter scooping ice cream with the entire head in the freezer. No hairnet. Whole half of his body was in the freezer. Also dipped cones and laid them on the counter where customers could cough, touch, or sneeze on them.”

Employee behind the counter not wearing a hairnet. All employees must wear hairnets.

Domino’s Pizza #2152, 211 S. Broadway St., Blanchester

No verification is available for employee illness reporting. All facilities must have in writing symptoms and illnesses to be reported. On the pizza prep area, there was a bottle of pizza sauce and a container of pizza sauce that expired Monday 5/13. The employee removed both from service. In the pizza prep cooler, the chocolate lava cake container was not dated. The container that contained hoagie patties was not dated. All foods must be properly dated for use within seven days or discarded. A female employee was not wearing a hair restraint when I first arrived. She put it on while the inspector was there but still had a long ponytail hanging down and swinging.

AJ’s Pizza, 653 W. Main St., Blanchester

Towels on the counter. All towels must be stored in wiping solution when not in use. The ceiling finish/plaster is breaking around the pizza oven and back door. The wall behind the small prep cooler is dirty. All floors, walls, and ceilings must be smooth, easily cleanable, and in good repair.

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