Wilmington City Schools picks Dettwiller as interim superintendent


Getting students in the classroom will be one of the main focuses of Tim Dettwiller, who was named interim superintendent of Wilmington City Schools at Monday’s meeting of the board of education.

Dettwiller succeeds Jim Brady, who resigned after serving the district for two years as superintendent.

“Mr. Tim Dettwiller brings a wealth of leadership experience and a strong commitment to student success,” said WCS board president Marty Beaugard Sr. “We are proud of the strides we have made in the district and look forward to working with him to continue our momentum while enhancing our efforts to provide exceptional opportunities for all.

“He (Dettwiller) seems to be the one who can take us forward with discipline, other things. He has a lot of energy.”

Beaugard said Dettwiller was the choice of the board among “three or four candidates” for the interim post. The Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) assisted Wilmington City Schools in its search for an interim superintendent.

Dettwiller’s extensive career in education includes his recent position as the ACCESS Director of Highland County Workforce Development with the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) since 2022. He previously served as the superintendent of Fairfield Local Schools in Leesburg from 2018 to 2022, superintendent of Madison Plains Local Schools in London from 2014 to 2018, and treasurer/chief financial officer of Madison Plains Local Schools from 2011 to 2014. Additionally, he was the treasurer/chief financial officer of Springboro Community City Schools from 2001 to 2010 and Madison Plains Local Schools from 2000 to 2001. Before his roles in public school districts, Dettwiller served with the Auditor of State of Ohio from 1987 to 1999 as Deputy Auditor, Auditor in Charge, and Auditor.

Dettwiller holds a bachelor of arts in accounting degree from Wilmington College, where he also wrestled for the Quakers, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership degree from Ashland University.

“I know Wilmington pretty well and I live in Highland County, a half hour away,” he said. “I know the community. I know the school district. I coached the Wilmington City Schools junior high program for one year while I was in college.”

Despite the “interim” tag, Dettwiller wants to make and believes he can make an impact at WCS.

“After talking with the board and doing a little more research, I know that Wilmington City Schools has an issue with absenteeism among students,” he said. “My philosophy is if students aren’t there, they are not going to learn. You have to dig in to why the kids aren’t coming to schools. They’re a lot of reasons that could be but you’ve got to get them there. That’ll help on their report card; it’ll help with Wilmington’s graduation rate.”

Dettwiller said he’ll work with the WCS administrative team to determine the best path forward for the district.

”I don’t like to come in heavy handed,” he said. “I like to come in and get the lay of the land and see where we’re at. Once you build a relationship, you can push for change.”

Dettwiller said he has signed a one-year contract to fill the gap between Brady and the next superintendent. While happy with his position, Dettwiller said he’s not discounting a permanent position.

“I like to look at this as an engagement, not a marriage,” he said. “If everybody’s happy, you move forward, to a potentially longer marriage after that. If everything falls apart, for whatever reason, my puzzle piece doesn’t fit in your puzzle, then we move on. I have no issue with that. Bottom line is does it work for me and is it working for the board, if it is fantastic and we keep moving forward and keep progressing to make Wilmington City Schools the best school it can be.”

In other news from the meeting, attended by board members Beaugard, Bill Davis, Bill Liermann and Tim Wiederhold, the board approved all of the following agenda items by a unanimous 4-0 vote:

• Non-teaching supplemental contracts for the 2024-25 school year for Karen Heslop (cross country coach) and Michelle Angelica (middle school cheer coach).

• The change for preschool aide Lisa Angst from four days a week from five days a week effective Aug. 12.

• Transportation changes for the 2024-25 school year for Liesha Richardson (route 19), Melissa Colley (preschool route 19), Sonya Goldie (preschool aide route 19), Melinda Bronner (route 6), Liesha Richardson (preschool aide route 22), Donna Oeters (mail route), Melissa Colley (mail route alternate) and Liesha Richardson (mail route alternate).

• Employment of substitute custodian Kim Watson and substitute bus cleaner Kelly Fisher ($17 per hour for June 5-6)

• Unpaid leave requests for Angel Dusseaux (May 1), Yvette Lykins (May 20-21), Sierra Leonard (May 21-22), Heather Welsch (May 23-24), Ingrid Moore (May 16) and Chad Fields (May 17)

• Employment of substitute cooks Kristina Wolf, Harriet Jones.

• Extended Day Supplemental Contract for the 2024-25 school year for Matthew Younker, vocational agriculture, for 55 extended days $15,628.80.

• Employment of substitute teachers on as-needed basis for the 2024-25 school year pending completion of all requirements for Robert Armentrout, Gage Summers, Kristeen D’Aurizio.

• Accepted retirement request of Doug Davis, Denver art teacher, effective June 1.

• Resignation requests, effective Aug. 1, for Erin Henry (high school teacher), Jessica Gullette (Denver teacher), Madeline Riddle (Denver Title 1), Matt Sexton (Denver intervention), Trina Kadlubowski (Denver intervention), Sean Speigel (high school intervention), Jonathan Elmeier (Denver teacher), Jessica Somerfield (Denver teacher), Will McNally (high school teacher), Crystal Pergram (elementary math coach), Sarah Drees (Holmes K Title).

• One-year limited contracts for the 2024-25 school year pending completion of all requirements for Brock Meers (sixth grade social studies), Taylor Edmundson (third grade math, science, social studies), John Wiedle (fourth and fifth grade math), Kathleen Fath (MH at the high school and middle school), Lexi Evans Howell (Denver intervention specialist), Lauren Bebout (middle school intervention specialist), Kristin Chandler (fourth grade ELA) Kimberlee Anderson (high school social studies), Rachel Cline (Denver art), Alysha Verhoff (fifth grade math), Olivia McCray (high school ELA).

• Three-year contract with OAPSE Local 486 members.

• A Health Care Staff Agreement for School Services with BrightStar Care for the 2024-25 school year at $72 per hour for LPN/RN and $40 for Aide Services.

• Substitute teacher requirements for the 2024-25 school year and continuing into subsequent school years to address the labor shortage.

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