CCHD: Practice 4 basics of food safety

By Clinton County Health District

Everyone should know about food safety, because everyone consumes food.

In 1953 Ohio adopted its first food safety code. Currently all the food service operations and retail food establishments abide by the Ohio Uniform Food Code.

There are four basic food safety principles: Clean, Separate, Chill, and Cook.

Clean — Clean your hands. Clean the surfaces where you cook. Clean/wash your food (fruits and vegetables).

Separate — Use separate cutting boards for meats, fruits and vegetables. Keep meat separate in grocery bags than other products, and keep raw meats on separate shelves in the refrigerator. Store ready to eat foods and fruits and vegetables above all raw products in the refrigerator.

Cook — Cook all foods to proper temperatures and hold hot at 135°F or above. Obtain a food thermometer to check internal temperatures of all foods for safety.

Chill — Make sure to keep all of your cold foods cold at 41 F or below.

Store foods in shallow containers, especially when cooling down cooked foods.

By following these basic guidelines you will be keeping your food safe, as well as anyone who consumes the food you prepare.

By Clinton County Health District